It took three years plus a little, but I’m at 3000 items on my gratitude list.  What a blessing the list has been!  A chance to showcase God’s work in the little details of my life and to remind myself to give credit where credit is due.  So, at the risk of being redundant, Thank You God!IMG_3044sm2961.  S able to help J out in a bind

2962.  Turning a disappointment into a chance to problem solve and remember strengths

2963.  Lunch with Andy at Sola

2964.  Unique flowers at fusion to photograph

2965.  Client who is grateful

2966.  Color for June is purple at 2 peas photo challenge

2967.  Pat’s kind comment about my lilac photo

2968.  Getting a blog posted two days in a row

IMG_3045sm2969.  Positive feedback spontaneously given for a project I did when the person didn’t know it was my project.

2970.  Bambi Cantrell video on-line – so educational and free!

2971.  Living close to camping opportunities

2972.  Walking up Yonder Road

2973.  Lupine beginning to bloom at Spire Rock camp ground

2974.  Feeling strong after walking 11 miles.

2975.  Figuring out karate tournament registration

2976.  J safely off to Washington DC

IMG_3050sm2977.  Friendly chat with our neighbor

2978.  Good long walk with Denise

2979.  Views five miles up Cottonwood Canyon

2980.  J seems to be doing well on trip

2981.  Getting a model opportunity set-up

2982.  Walking before the rain hit in the morning

2983.  Many opportunities to view wild flowers this spring/summer

2984.  J remembered to call Andy on Father’s Day

2985.  Inspiring photography website

IMG_3072sm2986.  Rain for all the local crops after a dry May

2987.  Tank able to run with Andy again

2988.  Able to walk at the mall on a rainy day – still getting the walk in and not getting all wet

2989.  Satisfaction with the result of the Kirby family photos

2990.  Yummy pork chop dinner cooked the way my mom did them

2991.  Getting through a “To Do List” relatively early in the day

2992.  Bright green of different shades on the shrubs all around our office building

2993.  Reliable friends for J in both S and N.

IMG_3076sm2994.  Wisdom from others rattles in my head when I need it most

2995.  Drops of water shinning on all the leaves after a spring rain

2996.  Arnika and Arrison playfully chasing each other around the house

2997.  Getting the bank and quicken to communicate over the internet for hope of easier bookkeeping work


2998.  Interesting rows and rows of low hanging clouds over the fields on Gooch Hill

sm-32372999.  Having enough of what we need.

3000.  Getting to 3000 and the consistent uplifting feeling that comes from keeping this list.


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One thought on “GRATITUDE – 3000!

  1. Wow, I’m so impressed. Well donr.

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