It has been far too long since I published a portion of my ongoing gratitude list.  I am just going to go with the last 25 things and count it good because it would be the worlds longest post if I went all the way back and got completely caught up.    The photos posted today are just random photos from the past few weeks.  Hopefully soon I’ll be blogging more regularly and having more organized presentation of photos.


2531. Charlie’s sincerity

2532.  Nail didn’t hit any nerves in J’s foot or impact the bone when it went in from the bottom and popped out the top of his foot on Easter Sunday

2533.  Conflict-free time with big family

2834.  Beautiful spring weather for Easter and most of family visit

2835.  No rain while walking around Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone


2836.  Three year old boys

2837.  Emily survived accident and is healing so well.

2838.  J’s motivated to get back at karate despite foot injury.

2839.  Good Easter sermon

2840.  Charlie’s excitement over being outside and helping with Chickens.


2841.  Emily’s quick healing process

2842.  Seeing Christian friends rally to help and pray for Emily and her family.

2843.  Andy’s diligence with a challenging client and case.

2844.  Fields are getting green – raspberries getting leaves

2845.  Happy chickens


2846.  Able to have doors and windows open without freezing.

2847.  Friends through karate activities

2848.  Learning a new way to use my camera – back button focusing

2849.  Beautiful green fields as we drive to and from Colorado

2850.  Finding good photos on the computer.


2851.  Andy’s good taste in buying clothes for me.

2852.  Talk with Hannah Sue re: chickens

2853.  Someone to watch Tank while we travel.

2854.  Well written book that moved me to tears.

2855.  Beautiful view of the Crazy Mountains shrouded in clouds as we returned home.

2856.  Connecting with Eva.

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Mostly just photos today.  Lots to do – we celebrate the Birth of Christ in just 5 days, and I’m not ready – have a lot of heart work to do to focus on the celebration!  And a lot of baking and delivering to do!


Also lots of intense praying today for everything from healing of a badly broken arm for a friend of J’s to administrators doing their job with a heart and best interest of a kid, to changing hearts and minds to be softened towards Jesus. 

The world is a creation of God, and full of beauty, but as we approach one week from the Newtown tragedy, I am aware it is also so fallen and broken that it is hard to see that beauty.  I’m working on training my eye to the beauty without ignoring the need for healing.


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Still playing with photos from two weekends ago at Yellowstone – already hankering to go back, but that will have to wait for a less busy time.

Thought I’d share some random facts about life these days.

Tomorrow J gets his hair cut – please God, let him go shorter than normal.  I wish it had been before yesterday because he had a choir concert last night, but I’ll be happy with tomorrow since that will be in time for Christmas.


I’m helping out the daughter of a friend with her senior thesis which is on euthanasia.  I’ve worked with these issues in the legal world through an internship while in law school, and it is interesting to return to them for discussion and analysis.  Even with a foggy old brain, the ideas and concepts come back quickly.  Yeah, the brain still works after 48 years.


Leo needs to go to the vet for his poor old sore leg – and some shots too.  Poor old guy pauses at the bottom of the steps and has to really consider whether going up is worth the effort.  Since his bed is up-stairs, he usually decides to push through and make it happen, but he’s thinking about it longer and longer each time.  In theory, a surgery to get out one of the screws put in 7 years ago will help him – he’s otherwise healthy and we’d like to keep him around a while longer, if you know what I mean.

Packages are arriving from Grandpa Gary (Daddy, consider this your notice that two have arrived).  I’ve wrapped one of them and put it under the tree.  The big tall box is just there at the tree – I’ll get it wrapped eventually.  The other item came an a giant box too, but I opened it up, and got it wrapped – it looks like a soft L.P. sitting under the tree.  He’ll never guess what it is.

I’m behind on mailing – got packages out to families with little children last week, and they both arrived.  But the rest of the mailing is not done.  I’m hoping to get it done tomorrow.  I don’t know if that will get goodies to folks in time for Christmas Day or not, but it is what it is at this point.

Back tomorrow with a wordless Wednesday!



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Yellowstone is the “Land of Fire and Ice” in winter.  Fire in the belly of the land boils the water, making steam, which freezes on anything and everything once it gets too far from the belly of the land.


These are a few samples of that phenomenon taken along “the boiling river” portion of the Gardner river last Saturday.


In this one (above) you can see that the steam doesn’t get far from the warm water before it freezes, but those plants right on the edge of the river never get the ice.


And then there are the areas where the steam comes and goes with the wind, leaving behind dripping water that quickly becomes ice.

I’m sharing this post with This or That Thursdays  and Thursdays Favorite Things Hop – won’t you come join us.  And as always, I’m letting my POTD girls over at 2 Peas in a Bucket know I’m here too – they are such a talented and cool crowd!

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A bit of a drive by posting here.  Above photo taken through the car window shows a neighborhood near Downtown Bozeman on Saturday mid-day as I was heading out to Yellowstone National Park.  It was a great trip, and below is a single photo from early in the trip – one of only 3 photos I’ve had time to process since Saturday night. 


Can you see the little tiny looking Big Horn Sheep just below the cliff?  I haven’t seen them in my trips to the park in a number of years, so I was glad to see them.  But it was from very far off.

I’ll be back with more photos soon, but my day job just seems to be eating up my time these days.

Life is good.  Much to be grateful for – hopefully a post of that soon – and lots of laughter in our family these days, so I am looking forward to a time to blog more.  And frankly, I really want to get those photos processed and shared.

There you have it, my blog post for the day.

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1.  These beautiful wreaths are on the doors at the office.  Last night they got decorated some more with snow.  It was a nice touch, and I enjoy being greeted by these every morning.


2.  Bragging on my husband as usual – last Friday he won a trial again.  He’s on a bit of a roll.  I think it has a lot to do with him being a great attorney, but I’ll leave that up to the readers to decide.


3.  Now for some bragging on my son:  Yesterday he won the class geography bee.  I didn’t even know they were having a geography bee.  Now he has to prepare for next months bee for the whole middle school age group.  Guess we’ll actually prepare this time, because if he wins or comes in second in that, he can go to a state competition.  Right now, he’s just the “accidental geography champion of the seventh grade.” IMG_7482sm

4.  Was talking to someone about our relational children and how they don’t really do well with directional parents.  J is certainly, without a doubt, relational.  I probably communicate in a directional manner much of the time.  That is not the most effective combination.  It takes a lot more energy to guide in a relational way rather than a directional way.


5.  Tomorrow I’m heading up to Yellowstone National Park for an afternoon by myself with my camera.  Do you think I might be a bit excited about that?  Hopefully after the storm that hit last night there will be lots of opportunities for winter photos.  And the sun will go down early, so I can get some sunset photos (hopefully, unless it is all just gray and socked in).  This should give me a new batch of photos to place on this here blog. 

Have a great weekend!  By the time I’m back I’ll be a year older!

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1.  When I first set out to take photos in Yellowstone early Sunday morning, I envisioned a spectacular sunrise over a fall landscape that was accented by the thermal features of the park and maybe a wondering large animal or two.  A bit of a romantic vision, I’m sure.  What I got instead was a hazy smoke-filled morning, where the sunrise was somewhat gray.  So, I adjusted my expectations and decided I would have to be creative and look at the landscape from a different perspective.  That is how I got this photo – taken through the water.  I don’t know how long it took the branch to go from its normal color to being all white and crystalized, but I’m imagining more than a day or two.  All of these photos are from the need to re-focus my camera because those big views weren’t available.

2.  Andy has had four trials in the last 6 weeks – two jury, two judge.  He’s won two of them (one of each kind) including the judge trial he did yesterday afternoon.  That may not seem like a big deal to most, since a 50% success rate is not generally considered all that fantastic.  Except, these were all criminal trials, and defense attorneys do not win all that many criminal trials.  Part of that might be because the presumption of innocence is not widely held these days. 

In one of the jury trials Andy asked a prospective juror if they had to decide right then and there, what verdict would they enter?   This was before the trial had really begun, they were just picking jurors at that point.  The juror responded “guilty.”  Not a shred of evidence in play, didn’t even know what crime the defendant was charged with at that point but already deciding to convict.  Because really most people presume guilty – I mean, that prosecutor wouldn’t charge anyone if they weren’t guilty, now would they.

Believe it or not, Andy kept that juror – because others were worse.  That juror ended up being the jury foreperson, and that jury acquitted Andy’s client – full on “Not Guilty” verdict.  That is because being the good lawyer that Andy, he is used the improper response as an opportunity to educate the jury on what a presumption of innocence really is.

So, anyway, we are celebrating a win around here, and trying not to get too cocky about it, but it sure does feel good!

3.  (this fact might be more random than the others):  I got a new pair of jeans.  I usually get used jeans at Salvation Army on 1/2 off Friday because I can afford $1.5o for a pair of jeans.  Finding jeans to fit is hard.  These jeans seem to fit.  These jeans were free.  These jeans are mens.  This is a new perspective on jeans for me.

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– one –

All five photos today are from last weekend’s trip to Yellowstone.  Amazing that there was so much variety to see when we really stayed in a very small corner of the park.  One thing I did do while we were there was vow to take a day or two off this winter and drive into the park for some solitude and photography.  I’ve always wanted to do that, and this year I’m determined to make it happen – maybe one trip around December 21st, and another in late January or early February.  It will be cold, but I think the thermals will be extra stunning at that time.

– two –

This week has sort of knocked us around with its busy nature.  I blogged about some unexpected bumps in the road on Monday, and those took their toll, I’m sure.  But really it was more of the constant needing to be on our toes to meet client needs this week that got us.  The past four days have just been unusually intense with what is normally a pretty intense group of clients anyway.  We are tired and really looking forward to a weekend at home, quietly recharging.  Maybe we’ll go get some wood for the winter since parts of the national forest are opened again – doesn’t that sound restful and relaxing to you?

– three –

J could use a little prayer.  He had a nagging knee pain for the last two weeks after two falls/bumps that may have caused some damage.  On Tuesday we went to the doctor for immunizations (school requires boosters right now), and talked with the doctor about the knee.  Well, he’s on crutches to see if complete rest helps it to heal.  But so far the pain is not subsiding. 

We already had x-rays which revealed only healthy bone (that is good), so if the complete rest doesn’t do the trick, we’ll be off for an MRI looking for soft tissue damage.  J’s frustrated with the crutches (they are a lot more work than he expected), and with missing out on Karate, where he was honored with an invitation to join the advanced class, which is something he has wanted for a long time.  So, prayers for a healed knee would be appreciated!

– four –

We continue to have smoke here.  This is an excerpt from today’s update on the Millie fire incident site:

The Millie Fire gained approximately 40 acres yesterday as the fire slowly progressed down slope toward the creek bottom in the east fork of the South Cottonwood drainage. The additional fire activity removed unburned vegetation between the active fire and a network of hose where firefighters plan to contain the fire.

Crews are working diligently to hold the fire in the most active area of the fire perimeter. “Everyday we have new challenges”, said Incident Commander Trainee, Jim Gunning, when referring to the harsh terrain firefighters continue to tackle on the Millie fire. Nearly 90 firefighters are stationed in three remote camps and are working to construct and reinforce fire line in the South Cottonwood drainage.

The South Cottonwood drainage is very near our house, and where we have several friends.  It is frightening that the fire got to the creek, but I am pleased to know they have a “network of hose” and a plan to contain the fire there.  Those 90 firefighters in remote camps?  Let me assure you, by “remote” they mean a full days hike in for most of us.  I’ve hiked up there, and it is brutal in some parts.  Not a lot of open fields in which to pitch a tent. 

So, the firefighters are on my prayer list too, if you don’t mind.

– five –

This last photo shows how hazy with smoke Yellowstone and this whole surrounding area is.  Much of the smoke comes from fires in Idaho, but some of it is from our local fires too. 
Have a blessed weekend – hopefully I won’t be in the office this weekend, so won’t be blogging again until Monday, when I plan to have a mega gratitude list update!

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