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This is Keaton, a swimmer.  She swam 1.2 miles in open water on a 1/2 Iron Man team with Andy and Daniel this past weekend.

After Keaton swam, Daniel road a grueling 56 miles up a tough road.  Then Andy ran the 13.1 miles at the end.

They won the team competition, and came in 6th for the entire competition.  Not bad results for their first time together as a team (although Andy and Daniel had teamed up before).  And it was Keaton’s first ever triathlon experience – I think she’s hoping for another.

And this is Jessica – she did a solo run at the sprint triathlon that same morning.  She’s pretty great!

Here goes Andy running off to improve their position in the last leg.  Not bad for a guy with a metal hip.  It was a lot of fun to watch this event!

And I am so inspired by these guys I’ve committed to another 1/2 marathon – on September 9th.  Started training already.

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J is in football camp this week.  Andy felt if he wants to play in the fall (which he is toying with) he needs to do a camp, so this is to “keep his options open.”  It is at Montana State University, run by the coaching staff and a few of the team players.

That man there in the yellow (above and below) is the head coach for the MSU Bobcats.  I guess that might impress some.  We aren’t big Bobcat fans  – not against them, just not particularly engaged in this team since we have generations of Stanford Cardinal fans on the Breuner side and we lean that way.  Anyway, we know enough to know that J can learn a lot from these coaches!

We think of J as being pretty big for his age – he is certainly bigger than most of his friends.  But at camp he is one of the smaller guys.  Suddenly he is itching to grow and fast!

Above photo there is a smile in his eyes, which I am so glad to see.  The first day of camp was on the natural grass, and he is suffering greatly from allergies – worst case he’s ever had.  But being on the artificial turf of the stadium yesterday helped to improve things a bit.

I am so glad that number 70 is on J’s team, and not going against J, because that boy is BIG!  Whew!

The scrimmage is pretty fun and fast-moving.

I’d know that head of hair anywhere!  He’s really tired by the end of the day, that’s for sure.

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We woke up to -5 or so this morning and the chill was in our bones. 

But we also had a fresh dusting of snow from last night, and it really is so beautiful.

Here are the promised photos of our “daring for us” activity:

Yes, even after the pull-behind-the-tractor-accident from Christmas 2008, we dared to try a pull-behind-the-Subaru.  For the last three years this activity has been strictly forbidden by a Papa who just didn’t want to risk injury to his boy.

J could not have been happier!  We pulled him up the hill for almost half a mile at a reasonable pace, for both safety and a touch of thrill.  Just what a pre-adolescent boy needs to feel a bit of thrill and danger – they are wired for that, don’t you know.

The rest of these photos are views we saw Sunday late afternoon from the bend in the road at the southwest corner of our friends’ property on Yonders.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and we hope to have more outings like this as the snow continues to pile up – 4 more inches expected on Friday should make for a bit of sledding opportunity again this weekend!



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  1. Andy ran the Bozeman Triathlon and took first place in his age group.  (He’s the one in the middle with the black and white tank on in the photo above).  Not bad  for a guy with a metal clad hip.
  2. Andy was also the oldest guy in his age group for the race.
  3. Being back to karate was a real joy for J.  I think he’s found his sport.
  4. J and I hiked 11.5 miles and saw 11 waterfalls on Tuesday – great mom and son time!
  5. We have 6 couches in our house right now – thank you to the Ervins for giving us theirs as they prepare to move. 
  6. There are only spots for five couches in our house. 
  7. Anyone need a couch?  We have one to give away.  Needs a bit of recovering, but otherwise structurally sound.
  8. J is getting a “flop room” in the basement, with a couch!  Now we need to find a used DVD player so he and his friends can watch movies down their.
  9. Sleep overs with two friends are great.
  10. Watching three boys building and playing outside all day long is well worth the loss of income it takes to stay home and work from home.
  11. I need to practice transferring calls from the house to Andy’s office – failed three times this week.  Only tried three times, so that’s not a particularly good average.  Fortunately two of the three fails were with a police officer, and since he’s not a paying client, I’m not too worried about him getting cut off – plus, I warned him that it was a new system and he might have to call back.
  12. This is the first weekend since summer started that we didn’t have some big event taking us away from our property. 
  13. Lots of chores around the house and yard to do this weekend.
  14. God is blessing us in ways beyond our imagination!  He truly is “gracious and compassionate.” (Psalm 111:4b)
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