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I’m decorating this list of things for which I’m thankful to God with photos of the murals by Diego Rivera at Coit Tower (from our vacation last month).  I was so impressed with these painting and just can’t get them out of my mind.

I made a mistake, and these murals are not by Diego Rivera himself, but in his style or realism.  Here is a quote from a website about Coit Tower that will correct my mis-information:

Not to be missed are the murals decorating the lobby, considered to be one of California’s best examples of depression-era public art. Part of a Public Works of Art Project, they were painted in 1934 by 25 artists. Done in Diego Rivera’s social realism style, they are sympathetic portrayals of the daily life of working class Californians during the depression.

Because some people felt the murals were subversive and depicted “Communist” themes, the authorities delayed the opening of Coit Tower for several months. Already outraged by the shooting deaths of two strikers during the Longshoremen’s Strike of 1934, the working community was upset even further by this delay, adding to the general distrust of authority.

The lobby murals continue behind a door next to the gift shop, up the stairs and around the second floor. This area is closed to the general public, except during free guided Coit Tower tours given by City Guides.

So, here are the things I’m thankful for (or at least some of them):

2046.  Lava Lake fuller than I’ve ever seen it

2047.  Same going into Lava Lake after much encouragement from J.

2048.  Interaction with Judge in a social setting – and the compliments she gave re: my husband

2049.  All the extra skin for Fergus the mastiff puppy to grow into – he’s going to be huge and he belongs to someone else, but we got to watch him for a weekend.

2050.  Photos that got wet when a storm swamped our bedroom were salvageable.

2051.  Lupine blooming in lots of places – seems extra plentiful this year.

2052.  Tacoma’s sweet garden

2053.  Finding Fergus after over an hour of searching – he was sleeping in the long grasses shaded by the tractor.

2054.  Having an extra bed to sleep in when our bed was swamped by the storm.

2055.  Re-discovering old photos of our property and appreciating the changes over the years.

IMG_6049sm2056.  Oodles of laundry done and put away.

2057.  Progress in the flower garden – fewer weeds, although there are still plenty of them.

2058.  J’s good reaction to Pheasants Forever program.

2059.  J’s volunteering to make dinner while Andy and I cleaned up after the storm damage in our bedroom.

2060.  An opening for J in Wilderness camp – getting off the waiting list and into the camp at the last-minute.

2061.  Elena at church – a nice surprise to see her there.

2062.  Leo able to walk nicely on a leash when the truck broke down and we had to walk back to the office.

2063.  Peace in our hearts with J being at camp – assurance that he would do well at a new experience.

2064.  Reasonable June billings in spite of 10 days off for vacation – Andy worked hard!

2065.  Time to work in the garden.

IMG_6050sm2066.  Ideas, visions, excitement for the future of our yard.

2067.  Phone call from the Beckers.

2068.  Seeing lots of beautiful Lupine along the road as I walk in the mornings.

2069.  Pineapple popsicle after a long hot walk.

2070.  Finding usable stuff by the dumpster that will enhance our yard.

2071.  The look and usefulness of large mason jars

2072.  J being back from camp

2073.  J’s interest in being a camp counselor next year

2074.  Lots of social plans for J.

2075.  Green fields with blue skies

2076.  Calendar issues working out well to take on some photography challenges/jobs.

IMG_6054sm2077.  The fun of planning to shoot a wedding for a very nice but broke couple.

2078.  J and N setting up a fort of tarps so they can sleep out in the summer rain.

2079.  Cranberry capsules for UTI issues and their quick effectiveness.

2080.  Dry roadbed for walking up Yonder Rd.

2081.  J’s confidence in his friendship with N.

2082.  Lightening after dark.

2083.  Friends who say “We love you guys” when we are parting company.

2084.  Little babies in church.

2085.  Dark skies behind bright green hills

2086.  N’s comfortable to stand in the bathroom doorway and talk to me while I brush my teeth – our home a place where J’s friends feel comfortable and able to talk and share with us.

IMG_6065sm2087.  Dinner together around the table

2088.  screech owls back after missing a summer.

2089.  Sunflowers growing thick stalks

2090.  Doe and tiny fawn near the canal seen on my early morning walk.

2091.  Loud sounds of birds throughout my walk.

2092.  Watching a red-winged blackbird chase a large crow through the air.

2093.  Momma bunny guiding baby bunny off the road as I approach on foot.

2094.  Living in a neighborhood with several baby colts this season.

2095.  J’s excitement about biking.

2096.  A super sharp focus photo of Leah – one I can be proud of.

IMG_6067sm2097.  Social plans for J

2098.  Leo getting better at receiving his shots.

2099.  Camera sale making my goal suddenly attainable.

2100.  time and energy to clean the kitchen after dinner instead of the next morning.

2101.  Agreeable photo model in Emily.

2102.  Truck repairs cost less than expected.

2103.  Phone dropped into a cup of coffee still works.

2104.  Inspiration from disabled speakers on the radio and internet.

2105.  Ann VosKamp’s blog really providing great materials the last few weeks

IMG_6074sm2106.  Fan effective at the office when the AC went out.

2107.  J wanting to learn more photography

2108.  Delicious cherries

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We saw lots of big smiles like this yesterday – at one point he told me he could throw his bucket list away and die today because this was such a great day.  Little does he know how much more fun is to come.



As we knew they would, the tall buildings were impressive to J.  We walked around south of Market for just a little bit, and he got a taste of that environment.


This was from North Beach, looking out at Alcatraz – it was a beautiful day, warm and clear in the City, but the fog was rolling across the entrance to the Bay.


At the Golden Gate Bridge is was foggy, but when we looked up we could see a straight edge of blue demonstrating how the tower interfered with the movement of the fog all the way up there.  Super cool!


This boy loved the bridge – this is just after he made his comment about this being the best day of his life.



At the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park we were back to sunshine.  Love seeing the blooming lily pad – I don’t think I ever saw that in person before.  Would have loved to wade in the water and got more close up shots, but I don’t think that would have gone over well with the park officials.


This is the adult group (photo by J).  Looking a bit wind-blown I am, all those curly gray hairs sticking out!



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