Railroad Tracks


On our way home from Reed Point (yesterday’s post) we stopped in Big Timber and a couple of places along the highway to take some photos of the beautiful Crazy Mountains and surrounding farm land.


The Interstate follows the rail road tracks along this stretch, so when we got out in Big Timber we had to cross them to get the view I wanted (see above).  Andy got out and joined me.  Next thing I knew, along came a train:Ellie-128


After it was gone I saw Andy fussing around on the tracks.  Then he showed me this:


which he got by putting a quarter along the tracks before the train came – something I didn’t notice as I was busy setting up my tripod near the farmers fence well away from the dangers of the tracks.Ellie-156

Felt like a couple of kids playing along the tracks.Ellie-155

The clouds that day were fairly dramatic making big shadows across the land.Ellie-159



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