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It’s a cold one – minus ten when we left the house today.  Busy day, but there it time to be grateful to God for so many gifts – day in and day out gifts!  Here’s the list:

1633.  Shelter from the cold days

1634.  Walking at the mall where it is nice and warm

1635.  Downton Abbey

1636.  Time for scrapbooking

1637.  Chat with Daniel (my brother)

1638.  New members to our Bible Study group

1639.   Chatting with Jim and Kim

1640.  Found discovery disc

1641.  More weight loss progress

1642.  J and Andy snowboarding together

1643.  Work for Andy

1644.  Good materials for a new Sunday School class

1645.  Starting to save for a new camera body – this will be a long journey

1646.  More great worship time

1647.  The resurrection is true!

1648.  Photos of days gone by bringing back fun memories

1649.  Friends who are like family

1650.  Heat for the house

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Love the bald eagle – we have quite a few of them around these days.  Driving to town a couple of days ago J and I saw 5 in one tree.  Pretty amazing, but no time to stop and take a photo that day.


He looks so regal, don’t you think?

Here are a few gratitude items for this Multitude on Mondays:

1616.  J making an effort at his organization

1617.  Great worship music and hearing J singing along with enthusiasm

1618.  People for J to snowboard with

1619.  Successful surgery for Leo

1620.  75th Birthday Celebration for a friend

1621.  Cross country skiing with Andy

1622.  10+ pounds lost with the Body Bugg

1623.  Goat cheese

1624.  News of old friends through Christmas cards and letters

1625.  J’s passion for karate

1626.  Time with Laura to talk and enjoy each other’s company

1627.  Meeting the needs of a client

1628.  New arrangement of J’s rooms so we can have a workout space, and his prompt use of it!

1629.  Regular phone calls with Elizabeth

1630.  Running into Susan when walking at the mall

1631.  Close family-like relationship with those in our Bible Study

1632.  Box of bras from Elizabeth – to help as my body changes size (see number 1622 above).

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I have learned a new appreciation for Thanksgiving over the past decade or so.  It started with Barbara Rainey’s book on Thanksgiving – a time to remember, and has just grown as an appreciation for the holiday beyond just good food and getting together with family.

Ann Voskamp’s book – 1000 Gifts certainly helped to deepen the meaning.  And the weekly (or close to it) activity of listing the gifts God gives serves to keep the gratitude fresh and alive.

I notice things about gratitude now, not just in the weeks and days of preparation for Thanksgiving.  But in the daily – well attempt at that – reading of the Bible and how many times giving thanks and being thankful are mentioned.

So, I continue to count gifts as a way of calling my own heart’s attention to the one who provides them:

1544.  Keeping perspective on 12-year-old angst

1545.  Beautiful blue hue of snowy hills at dusk

1546.  Lunch with Roberta – and the encouragement of a listening ear

1547.  Good photo shoots (x4 for this week)

1548.  Subaru returned to us looking spiffy

1549.  J got his first deer – no more worry about not getting one in his first season

1550.  Old old case finally settled, with a little money for us.

1551.  Social time for J

1552.  chat with Holly – catching up and understanding

1553.  Helpful neighbor when battery died

1554.  Client’s making good decisions

1555.  Time with J to run errands and just hang out together in town

1556.  Friends willing to loan us a car while Subaru got repaired

1557.  Getting a project done in a timely manner when time was of the essence

1558.  Attorneys working together to correct an outrageous wrong

1559.  Free turkey

1560.  Shared needs among friends

1561.  eating oranges

1562.  music – drums that inspire my boy in particular

1563.  growing through my son’s struggles

1564.  Playing Christmas music in the car

1565.  Making Christmas plans – in my head seeing the celebration and the warmth of a home well prepared

1566.  having what we need

1567.  Grace when making mistakes – and help resolving them so nobody is inconvenienced.

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This is what is coming our way. 

By Friday it is supposed to hover around 0* at our house at least during the a.m. and evening hours.  We’ll deal with it, but I think I better get that gas stove working so we can be comfortable in the living area of the house.

I keep flaking out on the late week posting as the office overwhelms us with things to do that are not anywhere near as fun as posting to a blog or looking at the blogs of others.  But, that’s how we make a living, so I better not complain.

Here are some of the things to be thankful for this past week:

1488.  Billing for the October office work was complete by the 2nd of the month

1489.  Hug from a client

1490.  J’s choir concert

1491.  Getting to all appointments on time last week.

1492.  Warmer weather for a few days

1493.  More free bison meat (same source)

1494.  J and Andy getting out to hunt together

1495.  Continued options and efforts to support J in improving his school performance

1496.  Affirmation from others that Andy does a good job for his clients

1497.  Progress with remodel of living room/kitchen

1498.  Semi-private Karate lesson as only two kids show up for class on Halloween night

1499.  Successful withdrawal from trick or treating for J

1500.  Andy safe when he hit a deer on the highway

1501.  Plenty of work available to support us’

1502.  Holy Spirit’s guidance on how to express particular concerns and biblical basis for the same

1503.  End in site for election propaganda

1504.  Warm greeting from a stranger approached to ask a random question.

1505.  Fun family photos for a family in poverty who doesn’t usually get that opportunity

1506.  Local business willing to open doors for shooting church staff photos

1507.  J’s enjoyment of English Country dancing with friends

1508.  Bonds among friends that last for years

1509.  Laughter of 5 families gathered after church in the dark in the yard of Daniel and Eva to receive bison meat

1510.  Longer than usual talk with Roberta

1511.  Warm greeting when volunteering at school fundraiser – working with folks I didn’t know but having fun

1512.  Tank so well trained by Daniel that he can be off leash and doesn’t bolt away from us


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As the rain and sleet pour down (does sleet pour?) I’m thinking these beautiful leaves are going to be wet and muck on the ground before a chance to get out and take more photos.  So there is a certain amount of “good-bye fall” going on here.

So, what is the name of the season before the snow stays, but after the leaves are gone, when the beauty will arise out of a certain starkness rather than the radiant color? 

My heart is full of thankfulness and honor for what the Lord has provided during these busy and turbulent times at home, around the office and in the world in general.

1449.  Dr. Page a resource for those who need him

1450.  Tank being such a love

1451.  Time with cousins for Jansse

1452.  Hard work out at karate being faced with joy and excitement by J

1453.  Character building that comes from doing the hard stuff

1454.  Being available to EKL when she called

1455.  Listening ear available when the need arises

1456.  Yummy meals cooked at home

1457.  New recipes making a great hit with all who tasted

1458.  Chance to check in with a few folks

1459.  Final batch of apples from the tree – picked the day before the sleet came!

1460.  Beautiful new floors

1461.  Time with Sarah J and family

1462.  New used sweater from Salvation Army

1463.  New couple in Bible Study – and so much fun to have them!

1464.  Busy week came to an end

1465.  Good relationships between our office and so many other professionals – listening to Andy on the phone with so many and knowing what could be contentious is handled with warm professionalism by him

1466.  More new clients – both appointed and private hires

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I’m failing these days at getting my gratitude list posted – evidenced by the fact that I have about 100 things un-posted on my list. 
So, I sit here blogging a draft on Friday so that on Monday morning I can open up the internet, and publish with no delay.  In a sense, I’m staking out my space for this post early.  I don’t often do this, but it is the only way to make this gratitude list thing happen, and it is important to me.  Don’t worry, I’ll only post some of the highlights because it is just too many for one post.

Do you ever find yourself uncomfortable and at odds with so much in and of the world?  That is me this week – uncomfortable and not fitting in.  Seeing and hearing those around me and wondering why I can’t connect with so many of them.  Why is it that only those who share faith seem to have any value for me?  Why is that so evident this particular week?Is my world view really so different that it causes these rifts with people who are practically strangers to me?  Are people uncomfortable with me (and me with them) because my approach is somehow wrong?  Do they reject me because I deserve it and I’m offensive and I’m too mired in my own sin to know it?  Is my heart harboring some undisclosed sin that has set me on edge?  Am I just a failure at doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason and that causes strangers to reject me and offer up rudeness?

Or, is this a disconnect with the world caused by a strong connect with Jesus?  I hope that’s the answer, but I must ask further.

Are these feelings coming from the fact that when I am out and about in the world some of the folks I interact with just don’t see things the same as I don because they don’t have eyes for Jesus?  Are the priorities I have in Jesus so different from those of the world that even how to deal with a barking dog or a review of documents is approached in a profoundly different manner?

Is it okay to just go forward in what I believe is a God honoring way and allow those who are uncomfortable to go their own way?

How do I minister to those who don’t see Jesus if I just continue on with what I believe is right and good and don’t pause to know them?  But how do I know them if what I believe is so offensive to them that they won’t get to know me?

They really don’t need to get to know me, it is Jesus they need.

How do I take “I” out of the equation and make it all Jesus?

I know it is possible to reach out and honor Jesus – I must reach out to honor Jesus.  But how?  How to do that in a culture that is so inflamed with rejection of what is right in the eyes of the Lord is something I will be contemplating for a long time.

The list grows, and I thank God it does because when facing questions and contemplations the list is often my assurance that He’s right there providing what is needed when it is needed, and the same will be true of the answers to my questions – what is needed when it is needed.  Until then, hang – no cling – to the love evidence that is already here:

1383.  the match of my skills and past experiences with Andy’s current office needs – it really is amazing when all listed out.

1394.  Camping with our Bible Study families

1398.  J’s love of singing

1405.  Laughing at J’s antics – his humor

1411.  Blue birds flitting through the steam of thermals at Yellowstone – will they stay all year?

1425.  Unexpected time for art

1437.  Good progress (victories along the way) in a case with a client who needs encouragement

1443,  J and his friend playing – the sounds of their laughter and conversations

1446.  Apples from our tree making treats and sauce

1448.  Beautiful colors along the path and creek as we climb up to Lava Lake

1449.  Forgiveness for a hardened heart (and the resulting softening)

1450.  Good response to a gift given

1451.  The beginning of a new karate adventure

1452.  New clients to keep our business going

1453.  Progress on the kitchen floors

1454.  New couple/old friends to join our Bible study

1455.  Bison meat by the case with no cost to us.

1456.  Pants that fit nicely and wear well.

1457.  Andy and Daniel W.’s continued success as a racing team

1458.  J’s handling of his knee pain and the hope of a doctor’s consultation by the end of the week

1459.  Challenges in dealing with others to teach me to look to Jesus

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It has been awhile since I had a day that felt more like a monster day than anything.  Today one has come to visit – or so it seems at almost 9:30 a.m.  Nothing too terrible, just issues that I wasn’t expecting.

Started with the car breaking down in the driveway this morning – inside the gate, which is better than outside the gate, and certainly better than out on the road.  The clutch just stopped working.  We knew it was going, but were told by the repair guy that the issue with the annoying noise wouldn’t leave us stranded anytime soon.  That was about 10 days ago.  I guess my idea of soon and his were different.  So we towed the car out-of-the-way, crammed into the truck, and took J to school since by that time we’d certainly missed the bus.

While trying to arrange the car situation (read connect the tug’em strap to the two vehicles) we got a call from the neighbor that Tank had barked all weekend while we were away, and oh, by the way, he barks everyday while we are at work too, thus ruining their peaceful days.  So now desperately seeking solutions and trying not to imagine this as a problem that can’t be fixed.  May have to kennel him all day in the house while we are gone, and that would make us sad – he so loves being out and about and a big part of why we got him was so he could be out and about.  But we can’t have him barking all day, and a “bark collar” is not something we are instantly comfortable with.  Just for those of you who wouldn’t know – his bark is so loud you fear hearing loss if you are within 15 feet of him.

In dealing with the car and the truck and the towing out of the way and the call about the dog, somehow I left my camera at home, meaning all my photos from Yellowstone National Park over the weekend are at home, not here at the office so I can process and post some of them.  That is just a delay, not a forever loss, but it was a disappointment to this lady who was looking forward to seeing if what she got is as good as she hopes – at least a couple of them.  So, instead you are looking at photos taken over the last three weeks that hopefully I haven’t shared before and just forgotten.

Also left at home – the gratitude journal, so this will not  be a listing day, even though I got it all prepared last night so I could keep the list going.  And right now, I could use a list of things to be thankful for.

So, here I am trying to arrange a week around the assumption that we will be in one vehicle at least for a couple of days.  And to get the car towed to the repair shop will take a bit of coordinating, because I don’t think the tow guy will go out to the house and deal with the dogs unless one of us is there.  I suspect we are going to be a lot of out of the ordinary miles in that big gas guzzling truck while the fuel efficient Subaru gets a new clutch.  Don’t even ask me what this does to the budget, because frankly, I don’t want to go there.

And just because I am stubborn and want a gratitude list here even if it is a Monster Monday, here are some things I can think of to be thankful for – there are probably a lot more, but I can think of these pretty quick here:

  • J got to school on time today
  • We had a great weekend in Yellowstone with the other families from our Bible Study Group
  • I got the dishes washed before we left the house today, so won’t be greeted by dirty breakfast dishes when we get home.
  • Tank really is a love of a dog, and we really can kennel him, or bring him to work leaving him in the car and walking him throughout the day, or some other solution, so the fear that we might have to give him away is a useless waste of my time.
  •  Church service last night was very good – love the singing/worship under this new leader
  • Ann’s post today is perfect for me – sinking into an ocean of grace.
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