DECEMBER 29, 2013 – One Little Word for the Family


Usually about this time I would do a post full of photos from throughout the year.  This year, well, I’m just not that organized.  Too many great photos unedited still.  So instead I’m going to show you more photos from my experimentation in lightroom 5 and my outing from Friday with my J.


As a family we picked a “one little word” for 2014.  J and I are also doing personal words for the upcoming year, but we all just thought it would be fun to have a word for our family.


The process for picking the word was even peaceful.  We each made a couple of suggestions and explained why we liked that word.  We wrote them all down on little scraps of paper and threw them in a bowl.  Then J blindly drew one out.  The process was really helpful in seeing the vision each of us has for our family and where we have commonality in that – and where we each approach things a little bit different. 

We were blessed that I think for the most part we were all on the same page about what we want for our family.


So, I bet you want to know what word we got, don’t you. 

J drew one of his own words:  LEARNING. 

He was very specific, this is not the learning of going to school – just so you know, he would not consider that to be a type of learning he wanted our family to incorporate more of.  It is the learning of new skills like momma learn to ski or snowboard so she can be on the mountain with him taking photos of him snowboarding.  It is the learning of lessons from life. 

It is learning to spend more time together and use our time wisely so we can enjoy life as a threesome. 

And it is the learning of J sitting at the table and learning the rules of solitaire as he was quick to point out as I slaved away cleaning the fridge and he dealt cards.  He was very proud to point out that he was already putting our word to good use.

We will try to check in on our word once or twice a month so we can get the most out of it.

I will be back on Tuesday with my personal word for 2014, and probably tomorrow with a recap of this year’s word and the year in general.  (I know, sounds like a boring post already, but I’ll throw in some more photos – J and I are going for another walk this afternoon.

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There you have it:  the first photo I processed in my new lightroom program.  It was slow, but it will get faster. 

May have to spend a day or two (or week or two) re-organizing how I store photos so that I can make this really efficient in the long run.

Photo taken at the Spire Rock campground in the Gallatin River Canyon between Big Sky and Gallatin Gateway.  J and I loved the hour or so we spent there yesterday.  I processed with lots of contrast – think I like it, but I’m sure as I get used to this new program I will learn more and change my preferences.  It will be a learning process but hopefully over time my “style” will become consistent.

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