Photos from a drive around my neighborhood yesterday morning – cold and clear!


Poor cows must be very cold – wearing a blanket of snow doesn’t sound very warm to me.


It was negative something or another as I drove around, so most of these are shot out my car window – not the best, but you make do with what you have access to.  I just wasn’t ready to be walking.


Did go for a cold cold walk in the afternoon/evening with Andy.  We got a later start than intended and that really impacted our experience.  Started at 4 degrees, which is cold but okay if dressed properly and moving.  By the time we got back to the car it was -8, which is just too cold for me.  I was probably kind of whinny.  Yeah, so mature of me, I know.


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small-0269  As expected, woke up to snow this morning and temps in the single digits.  Poor baby chickens aren’t going to know what hit them!  Should be even colder tomorrow.


Not that it would be all that interesting to you, but this morning did inspire me to replace my missing marmot hat.  I loved that hat.  I searched for it for days to no avail.  So a trip to REI brought a new favorite into my life.  If I get the nerve maybe I’ll do a selfie and show you the new acquisition later this week.


I was able to get these photos just barely.  Literally there was only about 20 minutes of break through sunshine.  I noticed it developing as I was coming down the high way from the bus stop for J, and I wished I had my camera with me to pull over and capture the magic.  But I didn’t, so prayed for it to last long enough to get home, run into the house, grab the camera and head out to the back (south) end of our property to capture the rays playing off the neighbor’s out buildings.

You know it is going to be a good day when such an adventure actually works out!


This last photo was taken from a few feet off my back deck, and just caught the tail end of the light.  A few minutes later the sky was socked in again and little wispy flakes were falling.  But it was beautiful while it lasted!

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Our apple tree showed its glory the past 10 days or so, but as the rains and a bit of hail came this past few days I think it is pretty much past its prime now.


These are photos I took on Monday morning.


I gave myself the assignment of looking for “light shining through”

sm-2851You’ll note that some of these have the brown edges of age.



this one is my favorite (above)  Love the cross of the sun rays coming through the background.


It was a good year for apple blossoms, and I believe it will be a good year for apples if we can keep the birds, late frost and hail from bringing too much damage.


But if all we get are these beautiful blossoms I guess I can’t really complain too much because they really are a blessing in and of themselves.

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I’m practicing working with a new off camera flash set up – thank you to Josh and Kathy for the great mentorship that has me trying this out!  And guess who got to be my models this weekend. 

Isn’t Sophie so beautiful(above)!



This is Miss Arnika who was her typical curious self about the umbrella with the light behind it.  She certainly wasn’t going to sit and passively let me get photos.



sm-8220And this is Mr. Arrison, so super cool and satisfied with himself – little did he know when we took this photo that he’d be getting his man parts clipped in just 48 hours.  But as with all the guys in our household, he is just super handsome!

sm-8248And then we have sweet Mr. Tank, who is looking so grown up and responsible these days.  He’s even trustworthy with the chickens (who, by the way, did not make the cut for the photo shoot).  When Tank is out in the area of the chickens he doesn’t see them as supper, but he sure is interested in the scraps we give them – he has supper envy!

Next time I’ll share how I applied the experience these loving loyal pets gave me to a real live human being.


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Well, actually this photo was taken on October 31, but I’ve been noticing some special glowing lighting in November – with dark clouds setting off the glow of the sky where the sun is still shining.

We’ve had it all so far – sun shine, rain, snow, ice.  By the time we got home tonight before 7 p.m. it was only 16 degrees F and the roads were slippery – the antilock brakes did their job once as we were slowing down for one of those downhill sharp turns.

Not much of a blog post I know, but just working to get back in the habit!

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I have a friend who is a chef – may have mentioned that before.  He’s certainly been mentioned on the blog before.  His name is Daniel, and he and Andy do triathlon as a team, we know him from church, and Bible study at his house every Wednesday.

Anyway, he is a very high-end chef, doing private dinner parties for people up in the Yellowstone Club and now out of a facility here in town as well.  About 10 days ago he did an event at his space here in town, and I went, took some photos, and ate some fantastic food. 

By the way, lighting is tough in this situation and I’m aware these photos are mediocor at best, but they were.  He is working fast, no time to set up a whole group of lights (and I don’t own them either), but the lighting in the building was . . . not perfect for my natural lighting style.  So, something had to give, and depth of field is part of what I gave up in order to get some photos that were reasonable.  Lots of learning and learning and learning here, but so grateful Daniel gave me a chance to photography something interesting and different (and allowed me in his kitchen while it was working).

Above are Pork Bellies.  I’ve heard of them as a commodity, but never them as an actual food.  Delicious!  I mean really good – like a good slab of bacon, as you might imagine. 


He also did some fish (above and below), and I learned a bit about food photos from this fish (this begins the self-critique part of this blog post).  See how in the photo above I focused on the  center of the fish steak pan?  That would be something I won’t repeat.  Gotta get that leading edge in focus I think (I’ll try that the next time I get a chance).

But the photo below, as Daniel is working with it, I feel a bit better about that, with the focus being on his hands, but I wish the leading edge of the fish was in better focus – again, desiring better depth of field.


He made bread, and being who I am, I had to photograph the bread.  Daniel is a master bread maker, and this bread was absolutely beautiful as it was on the cooling rack.  Looking at the photo below, I may take a shot at cropping it in some – learning as I go here!  I love the idea of seeing an abundance of bread, but maybe I’d like less bread but all of it in reasonable focus.


And the presentation of that same bread for eating was creative, unique, and overall great!  It was put out on a clean finished shingle, and it tasted absolutely delicious with that fresh whipped peppered butter!


I’m not big on eating radishes, but they sure made a beautiful little garnish to the bread tray.

So, an interesting adventure in photographing food as it is being presented in real-time.  Very different I think than photographing food for a magazine layout, where the food is staged – there was nothing staged about this photo-shoot, and that gave it a bit of an extra excitement.  I loved the challenge and hope to get

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Jumped out of the car on the way into town this morning and got these shots from the top of Gooch Hill. IMG_0725sm

Not sure these are the best landscape photos for Black and White Tuesdays, but gave it a shot anyway – hey, when the great Ansel Adams was shooting, if the landscape was going to be recorded, it was going to be in black and white.  So I feel like I should learn a little about getting the big picture landscape recorded in black and white (not that I’ll ever be any Adams).    Here is my attempt at a conversion:IMG_0726bwsm

Self evaluation is I should have gotten there a bit earlier so the lighting would be more dramatic (but hey, I wasn’t passing by for the purpose of photo taking, I was jumping out and grabbing an opportunity when I had it, so I’m not beating myself up too bad over that).  I knew, but this photo reinforces that light makes the photos, and that is especially true with Black and White.

Trial starts tomorrow, and it is a bit intense around here, but that will pass.

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I want to work on my black and white conversions.  I’ve got several ways to approach that in my quiver, but I’m not very confident in that.

I also want to have a regular Tuesday feature so I can blog quickly.

Putting those two ideas together, I’m going to try to post a photo and it’s black and white conversion on Tuesdays.  We’ll see how it goes.

So, here is a photo I took through the window of a downtown business in December:


I was looking for some Christmasy shots at the time, but really, this reminds me more of an Asian spring theme.

Here it is in one conversion:IMG_9511bwsm

And another (not much difference I think although it is a little darker):


And here is something I got by mistake, but liked enough to post.


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FIVE ON FRIDAY – 10-26-2012

– one –

All photos today are of what I thought was interesting light at the house.  The first three are from Wednesday afternoon at the house – I had to dash home for a forgotten item mid-day, and the clouds were super low, but not quite fog.  Can’t see the mountains at all, but can see that yellow light glow from the clouds.  It was very cool, and the photos don’t do it justice, but that pale yellow you might catch a glimpse of just glowed!

The fourth photo was taken from the hill to the southeast of our house, looking down on our property and our neighbor’s property (this is the photo with the cows).  And the fifth photo is this morning at sunrise – we were home later in the morning than usual, and actually got to see it today.


– two –

Whew, what a week.  But we get a weekend of “normal” things at home.  That means laundry, runs in the cold mornings, sleeping in for J, maybe a few minutes (or hours) outside with my camera, cooking, cleaning, and of course watching  the Giants work to capture the World Series title – I think they just might do it again!

– three –

Just a random comment:  Could the election possibly come any sooner?  I just want the thing over and done with so we can move on.  Neither option thrills me in most of the races where I have a chance to vote, and the whole thing has become quite tedious.  Enough said.


– four –

Even though I cannot reveal the details, can I just say, there is a case of great importance to the parties, where injustice was rampant, and right now my husband is kicking something and taking names.  So proud of what he does for the down trodden.  The government agency involved is out.of.control (or at least one of their employees is) and my man is seeing to it that they get reigned in.  That is why we have a constitution in this country!

– five –

J was heard to say – just yesterday as a matter of fact – “I wish I was at karate 24/7.”  Guess he likes karate!

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