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Rural Thursdays – 2-28-2013


Skipped a day, not because my whole last post was such a flop – clearly I should not be in a rush when selecting photos for conversion to black and white and posting, ‘cuz I got that one wrong.  Any way, I skipped yesterday because I’m busy – doing taxes!  Yuck!


To make up for that, at long last, here are a couple of cows – selected in a hurry, not because they are the best photos.  Processing from RAW takes a few minutes and paying attention, so I just randomly got two and did them.  But it is proof that all those times I was out and about looking for cows, I really was, and I actually found a couple.

I hope to finish the taxes tomorrow in time to post here again, although right now I’m at a complete loss as to what I’ll post.  I think I owe Nicki a tagged post, so I might do that. 

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Monday was a day off of school and J and I spent it together.  Didn’t do anything super special, just some errands and hanging out together. 

One of the things we did was to take some photos over at the regional park (yesterday’s photo of me and these I’ve got today).  The whole wearing the ski goggles thing comes from a photo we saw in a snow boarding magazine that he wanted to try to imitate – the guy was wearing a beanie cap with his hood up and his goggles.  It was an ad for the goggle company.


You may remember that last week I mentioned that there are some hard parts to parenting right now, but these photos show what is so good right now too.  A young man who is very enjoyable to be with but possibly takes himself a bit too seriously, giving me an opportunity to giggle a bit at him.  Thus the appearance of deep frowns that he mistakes for looking all grown up and serious. 


This last photo is the one I really love – he got caught up in conversation and was not so focused on creating a particular look for the photos.


This photo represents the J I spend time with most of the time.  It brings to my mind his humor, his joy, and his loving care for others. 

Those first three photos remind me that he is just barely 13, and he’s still trying to figure out what it is to be grown up.  Gotta love it!

I’m joining is with Ruralality  and on Thursday Favorite Things.  See what you think – click on the links.

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So, drooling cow/steer wasn’t a thrill for most of you.  That’s okay.  I’m still on the cow photo hunt, but for Valentines Day I thought I’d share some of the reds that I found along the way.


I love distressed old red items. 


Andy told me today that on Valentine’s Day 15% of women send themselves flowers. 

How sad! 

Not that they get flowers, that’s not sad.  But that (I assume) they feel they have to pretend they have someone to send them flowers so others would think them worthy is sad. 

For years I didn’t have anyone to send me flowers, but I never did send them to myself – too cheep I guess.  Anyway, now I have someone and flowers just don’t seem all that important or prestigious anymore. 

I hope none of you felt compelled to send yourselves flowers in order to convince others you are loved – you don’t need flowers to validate who you are to me! 

You are a child of God and worthy of love, attention and affection based on that alone!

Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of lots of love.

I’m joining is with Ruralality for the first time – thought I’d give it a try – and on Thursday Favorite Things.  See what you think – click on the links.

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