J came home from school wanting one of these hats for a play at school that he and another boy were doing in their Bible class.  I looked on-line and found them to be very expensive – like over $60, which was not the budget I have for this kind of thing.  But the boy really wanted one.


So, I gave him an affordable budget and took him to Montana Woolens here in town to see if they had anything.


Since he clearly got the hat, you might guess it fit into the $20 and under budget I gave him.


Bonus is that he was willing to let me take some photos of him wearing it and didn’t give me any fuss about sitting for the photos.  Now I’ve got the end of 7th grade documented.

He wore the hat to school on Friday for his play, and got so many complements from his friends and teachers that he’s wearing it generally – and looks good in it.

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1.  When I first set out to take photos in Yellowstone early Sunday morning, I envisioned a spectacular sunrise over a fall landscape that was accented by the thermal features of the park and maybe a wondering large animal or two.  A bit of a romantic vision, I’m sure.  What I got instead was a hazy smoke-filled morning, where the sunrise was somewhat gray.  So, I adjusted my expectations and decided I would have to be creative and look at the landscape from a different perspective.  That is how I got this photo – taken through the water.  I don’t know how long it took the branch to go from its normal color to being all white and crystalized, but I’m imagining more than a day or two.  All of these photos are from the need to re-focus my camera because those big views weren’t available.

2.  Andy has had four trials in the last 6 weeks – two jury, two judge.  He’s won two of them (one of each kind) including the judge trial he did yesterday afternoon.  That may not seem like a big deal to most, since a 50% success rate is not generally considered all that fantastic.  Except, these were all criminal trials, and defense attorneys do not win all that many criminal trials.  Part of that might be because the presumption of innocence is not widely held these days. 

In one of the jury trials Andy asked a prospective juror if they had to decide right then and there, what verdict would they enter?   This was before the trial had really begun, they were just picking jurors at that point.  The juror responded “guilty.”  Not a shred of evidence in play, didn’t even know what crime the defendant was charged with at that point but already deciding to convict.  Because really most people presume guilty – I mean, that prosecutor wouldn’t charge anyone if they weren’t guilty, now would they.

Believe it or not, Andy kept that juror – because others were worse.  That juror ended up being the jury foreperson, and that jury acquitted Andy’s client – full on “Not Guilty” verdict.  That is because being the good lawyer that Andy, he is used the improper response as an opportunity to educate the jury on what a presumption of innocence really is.

So, anyway, we are celebrating a win around here, and trying not to get too cocky about it, but it sure does feel good!

3.  (this fact might be more random than the others):  I got a new pair of jeans.  I usually get used jeans at Salvation Army on 1/2 off Friday because I can afford $1.5o for a pair of jeans.  Finding jeans to fit is hard.  These jeans seem to fit.  These jeans were free.  These jeans are mens.  This is a new perspective on jeans for me.

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My cousin’s children have pink goggles.

They share.

We all need pink goggles.

Oh yeah.

‘Nuff said.

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