IMG_1328_7924smIf you are a 13-year-old boy, going to a “Ball” of English Country Dancing might not be the first thing on your bucket list.  But these boys did it before and liked it enough to do it again. . . and even again.  Last Saturday night was the third one for my J.

IMG_1334_7930smThere is a pretty strict dress code – and honor code about how you behave with someone of the opposite sex.  But back to the dress code.  A tie is required.  But Saturday evening Andy was working (remember big trial coming up in less than 3 weeks) so J had to tie his own tie for the first time.  On our way to join the others in his group he expressed to me that he was “proud of myself” for having tied his own tie.  He did use YouTube to help.  Then when we got there, he helped N tie his tie.

IMG_1339_7935smBoth of the other boys were going, but the second N still had to meet up with his parents and get his attire.  C is the first N’s sister, and she is a bit older than the boys, but a real trooper to get ready with them.  And she looked beautiful.  These photos were taken at C & N’s home.

So fun to see them growing up!

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It isn’t kittens – but I’ll be back with more of them, don’t worry.

Got this photo when out with some young ladies doing a just for fun photo shoot, and I just really like it.  Hope you don’t mind my sharing.IMG_8374bwsm

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