IMG_1057_3379smThank you for praying for Emily (who is featured in the photos of this post).  The prayers have worked wonders!

Emily is home now after 2 days in ICU and 2 days in the regular hospital as well as two surgeries.  After that second surgery she just really made rapid progress!

IMG_0923_3393smThere is still much healing needed – she broke her femur, now has a rod in there, and will need to rehab that; she has a small laceration on her liver which should heal on its own; and there was a brain bleed that while it was small, it has an impact.  Her short-term memory is pretty poor right now, and may take months to come back.  And of course, she is pretty bruised up.

Also, there is an issue with not being able to do blood thinners because of the brain bleed, but being at risk for clots because of the leg injuries.  They have a filter in one of her veins, but this is an area that will need on-going prayer – probably 4 – 6 weeks before this can be a non-issue.


Another thing to pray about is she was really excited to be going to Uganda late this summer for a number of months on a service trip.  That is in question now because it is not clear her brain will heal in time or that she will be able to work to save the money needed for this trip.

So, lots to praise God for, and still some things to humbly ask Him to keep His hand on.

The Breuner family is recovering for over a month of just a little too much on our plates – and we definitely spilled over on to the table and made a mess of some of it.  So now we are in clean up mode.  A wonderful family visit is concluded (so glad that was able to happen)and a bigger than we thought it would be court hearing is over.  The clean-up has begun.

Now we are on to new things as well – Andy is visiting with family for a few days;  I’m working on some photography goals/projects; J has his 8th grade project to keep him busy; a couple of college students who need a place to stay during a time of transition will be moving in soon; and we still have a bit of karate tournament traveling to do soon.  Add that to the regular full case load at work and the beginning of the season where we can work in the yard and whew!  It doesn’t seem like things are going to slow down anytime soon. 

Gratitude to God for a full and joyful life!

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