Photos from a drive around my neighborhood yesterday morning – cold and clear!


Poor cows must be very cold – wearing a blanket of snow doesn’t sound very warm to me.


It was negative something or another as I drove around, so most of these are shot out my car window – not the best, but you make do with what you have access to.  I just wasn’t ready to be walking.


Did go for a cold cold walk in the afternoon/evening with Andy.  We got a later start than intended and that really impacted our experience.  Started at 4 degrees, which is cold but okay if dressed properly and moving.  By the time we got back to the car it was -8, which is just too cold for me.  I was probably kind of whinny.  Yeah, so mature of me, I know.


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IMG_3647smI don’t think I’ve ever done this before, but I’m going to share some links at the bottom of this post that I’ve come across in the past few weeks (since the beginning of the new year).  This is part of my OLW of initiate.  I’m taking initiative to share.

As I wrote in my original post about selecting this word, I often have ideas to share with folks but get shy about approaching them for fear I’ll be interrupting or bothering them by bringing my idea to them. 

IMG_1009bwsmI’ve made some progress in this area in the last couple of weeks, which includes doing things like feeling called to pray with someone and actually approaching them about it and praying with them.  Or getting a brainstorm of an idea (meaning I thought of it, but I’m not wedded to it, just feel like it might be worthy of exploring and helpful in the process of sorting something out), and speaking it out loud to those who might consider it.

Funny thing this Initiate word.  A woman whose wisdom I value greatly and who knows my family and I well offered me a suggestion last week.  She advised me to take off my filter on ideas and opinions and speak my mind more.  I’d been holding back as I try to figure out how others will respond to my ideas, and she indicated it is time to let others be responsible for their own reaction to my ideas.  My ideas are mine, their reaction is theirs.  I’m not responsible for their reactions. 

I know, what a concept, huh!



It is profound how well this approach fits right in with the idea of initiate.  Her assignment to me of not filtering puts this whole word into a more powerful context for me than I ever dreamed.

So, back to the links thing.  I’m sharing because I think these are neat posts.  Maybe your reaction will be different from mine.  I’m not going to worry about it.  IMG_1001sm

Although, really, these are pretty safe because I don’t think any of them are terribly controversial.  None are religious or political – they are all style/photography/creative related.  So any disagreement about them being cool links would only be about taste I suppose.

Enough stalling, here are the links, with a little comment from me about what I loved.

Russian Mother’s Beautiful Photos

I just love this whole thing.  I am amazed at this woman’s photography – and a bit envious at her skill and abilities, especially after such a short time of being focused on photography.

Succulents as wedding flowers

I like all these photos, but what I really got excited about was the unusual use of succulents in the wedding flowers/decor.  Super cool!

Totally Cool Wedding in Vermont

This link is to a photographer my mentor suggested I follow because he does inspiring work and has a real fun attitude about it.  I’m not always sure I like everything he does or the way he presents himself – pushes my boundaries in some ways.  But I loved this wedding location and some of the ideas in it – plus the photography is pretty cool too.

So that is the update from me on initiating.  And, by the way, these are all old photos posted last year because Andy has the computer where my photos are at court in a jury trial – not sure the judge would appreciate me running in there to blog while the trial is going on, so it is make due time.  This was not an appropriate place to initiate and not worry about the judge’s reaction.  I am smart enough to know that.

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Along my cow photo adventures I frequently passed the feed yard on Stucky Rd.   This place seems to have quite the eclectic collection of cows – and buffalo from time to time, with some horses thrown in for good measure.  This little lady above proves that even in the bovine world there are different fashion statements to be made.


This girl has a unique color – I bet somewhere there are many cows her color, but not generally around here.


This “guy” (I assume it is a he), has that water buffalo look going.  Plus, he’s got some food hanging out of his mouth – these cows don’t have the best manners.


Then there is this gal, who seems to have lost part of her wardrobe. . .


Oh, but wait, this little lady found the lost bit.  Together they have a perfect pair.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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– one –

IMG_3425smSo, my cow search is just about done – I’ve got lots of photos, and only one or two more ideas about cows I want photos of.  It has been an interesting journey in and around our valley.

Most cows are like this little guy (born within the last month) and hide when I come near.    But, I wanted to show you this one (poor quality that it is after cropping it in so far) because look at that eye lash!  Amazingly long – proving this must be a male because only the guys get such gorgeous lashes naturally!

– two –

IMG_3434smEarly yesterday morning this guy was basking in the sun – he’s so calm for such a big bull!

– three –

I interrupt this post about cows to show you this bald eagle that I encountered on my way home from taking J to the bus yesterday morning (which is when I took the above photos as well).




I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing these beautiful birds.  We get a lot of them, and it creates great excitement for me each and every time!

– four –


“Here we come . . .

Walkin’ down the street . . .

Get the funniest looks from . . . Everyone we meet.

Hey hey we’re the highlanders”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!   These guys just remind me of that song, and yes, some of you are too young to get the reference, but I’m okay with that.

– five –

IMG_3647smSpring break starts right after school today – J and two of his friends are going to The Newsboys concert at MSU, which will be a heck of a kick off to this fun week!


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I was told there were some neat cows to photograph up in Bridger Canyon, on the way to the ski hill.  I went looking yesterday afternoon and found Miniature Scottish HighlandersIMG_3569sm

They are kind of cute, don’t you think.


It looks like a black angus got in with the mini herd – shhh!  Don’t tell him he’s not quite like the others! I’m pretty sure #10 thinks he just like #14, and it might crush his spirit to find out that he’s completely different – so much bigger!


A storm blew in as I was photographing these guys – but I must note, I stayed a bit into the storm because these are the first cows who actually started to walk towards me when I pulled out my camara. 

IMG_3581smI will be heading back out to visit these guys more – they are a lot of fun!

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A little guy from somewhere along my cow photographing journeys last month.  He’s kinda of cute.

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Rural Thursdays – 2-28-2013


Skipped a day, not because my whole last post was such a flop – clearly I should not be in a rush when selecting photos for conversion to black and white and posting, ‘cuz I got that one wrong.  Any way, I skipped yesterday because I’m busy – doing taxes!  Yuck!


To make up for that, at long last, here are a couple of cows – selected in a hurry, not because they are the best photos.  Processing from RAW takes a few minutes and paying attention, so I just randomly got two and did them.  But it is proof that all those times I was out and about looking for cows, I really was, and I actually found a couple.

I hope to finish the taxes tomorrow in time to post here again, although right now I’m at a complete loss as to what I’ll post.  I think I owe Nicki a tagged post, so I might do that. 

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Found all these as I was searching for photo friendly cows the past two weeks.  Enjoy! IMG_1099sm









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