All of todays photos are from the hike I took on Sunday afternoon just before the polar vortex hit.  As it is -20 ish as I type, I’m thinking my timing was pretty great.  I’d love to get back up Cottonwood Canyon with my camera and document the changes over the past three days, but . . . I’m just not crazy enough to do that in this frigid weather.


So instead I’ll focus on being grateful and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll go for an indoor walk at the mall.

I do have much to be thankful for and a loving and caring God who provides so very much.  These details are absolute assurance to me that he loves and cares for me specifically – how else would all these blessings come into my life?


3676.  Live in housesitter so we can take a trip and the animals will be cared for

3677.  Dinner and photos share with Brett and Roberta

3678.  Safe travels to and from Cody with no car issues.

3679.  Beauty of two different parts of Yellowstone seen on weekend travels through the park.

3680.  Sharing time with the Becker clan.


3681.  Good meaty discussion with J in the car as we travel.

3682.  Arriving home to a clean house.

3683.  Beautiful sun drenched morning photographing Julia

3684.  Walking and talking with Elizabeth on the phone.

3685.  Beautiful fall weather

3686.  J’s grades holding steady where he wants them.


3687.  Phone call with Daniel and Stacy

3688.  Danielle likes youth group.

3689.  Freedom for a client who sat in jail a long time before justice came his way.

3690.  Strength shown by Miss M. in a difficult situation.

3691.  Chance to learn more about photography.

3692. Great inspiring blog post by Ann Voskamp


3693.  Homemade apple sauce for breakfast.

3694.  Friendships in the school community

3695.  20 young chickens for free

3696.  Unexpected evening home watching game 7 as a family – and the Giants won making my boy so happy!\

3697.  Beautiful sunsets several days in a row.

3698.  Tank’s ability to help find missing little chickens


3699.  Looking forward to Advent

3700.  Variety of little chickens and how much Tank loves them.

3701.  Success in court for dear friends.

3702.  Referral of a new case that highlights Andy’s skills and faith.

3703.  Supportive phone calls from friends on a down day.

3704.  Second visit with the Becker clan – this time at our house.

3705.  New cases to replace those that are wrapping up.

3706.  Honesty/transparency character of the folks in our Bible Study group


3707.  Warm clothes to wear as the weather turns.

3708.  Fun watching the chickens around the yard.

3709.  Great positive feedback from teachers at parent teacher conferences.

3710.  Misty sunrise

3711.  Chickens surviving in bitter cold

3712.  Hike up Cottonwood Canyon before the snow flies.

3713.  Paul not injured in an accident sliding off the ice.

3714.  Having enough to get bills paid without stress.

3715.  Significant progress on over coming debt burden


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DECEMBER 29, 2013 – One Little Word for the Family


Usually about this time I would do a post full of photos from throughout the year.  This year, well, I’m just not that organized.  Too many great photos unedited still.  So instead I’m going to show you more photos from my experimentation in lightroom 5 and my outing from Friday with my J.


As a family we picked a “one little word” for 2014.  J and I are also doing personal words for the upcoming year, but we all just thought it would be fun to have a word for our family.


The process for picking the word was even peaceful.  We each made a couple of suggestions and explained why we liked that word.  We wrote them all down on little scraps of paper and threw them in a bowl.  Then J blindly drew one out.  The process was really helpful in seeing the vision each of us has for our family and where we have commonality in that – and where we each approach things a little bit different. 

We were blessed that I think for the most part we were all on the same page about what we want for our family.


So, I bet you want to know what word we got, don’t you. 

J drew one of his own words:  LEARNING. 

He was very specific, this is not the learning of going to school – just so you know, he would not consider that to be a type of learning he wanted our family to incorporate more of.  It is the learning of new skills like momma learn to ski or snowboard so she can be on the mountain with him taking photos of him snowboarding.  It is the learning of lessons from life. 

It is learning to spend more time together and use our time wisely so we can enjoy life as a threesome. 

And it is the learning of J sitting at the table and learning the rules of solitaire as he was quick to point out as I slaved away cleaning the fridge and he dealt cards.  He was very proud to point out that he was already putting our word to good use.

We will try to check in on our word once or twice a month so we can get the most out of it.

I will be back on Tuesday with my personal word for 2014, and probably tomorrow with a recap of this year’s word and the year in general.  (I know, sounds like a boring post already, but I’ll throw in some more photos – J and I are going for another walk this afternoon.

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There you have it:  the first photo I processed in my new lightroom program.  It was slow, but it will get faster. 

May have to spend a day or two (or week or two) re-organizing how I store photos so that I can make this really efficient in the long run.

Photo taken at the Spire Rock campground in the Gallatin River Canyon between Big Sky and Gallatin Gateway.  J and I loved the hour or so we spent there yesterday.  I processed with lots of contrast – think I like it, but I’m sure as I get used to this new program I will learn more and change my preferences.  It will be a learning process but hopefully over time my “style” will become consistent.

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IMG_1376_8011sm   More photos from my walk earlier in the week – tons of photos from one walk.  Today I’m highlighting the berries I saw along the way.IMG_1380_8015sm   I love to photograph berries, although I don’t know what berries they are – I assume not edible since  I know nothing about them.  The reason I love to photograph berries is because it really requires me to focus on focusing, and it provides an opportunity to play with getting bokkah in the background.IMG_1382_8017sm   I showed a photo of these type of white berries earlier in the week, and Joanne commented that they look like unglazed china.  I think she’s right, and that is a wonderful description.IMG_1420_8055sm This is completely off the topic of berries and photography, but I’d like to draw your attention to the new link in my blog roll – Duty Dogs.  It is to a website about dogs that can sense when their diabetic owner has undesirable blood sugar levels.  My cousin and her family are the owners of a business that breeds and trains these dogs and this is their website.  They got into the business because one of their six children is diabetic.  It is really interesting stuff, and amazing what these dogs can do.  This family is one of my favorites ever, and I’d love it if you clicked on over to their web page and took a look at the “About Us” page. You’ll get to meet some pretty cool folks!  Plus, with this newly launched website, more clicks will help Google to recognize them and pop them up higher in the queue for those who search.  And just to tie it back into the subject of photography, I think all the photos on the site were taken by my cousin’s husband and/or her 14-year-old daughter.

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