Ellie-45ONE:  This week five on Fridays is decorated by photos of Miss E.  She is 4 and was honored to be the flower girl for Miss Amanda back in August.  The trouble was that Miss E’s mom and dad had a huge job to do the day of the wedding and could not attend.  Mom was crushed – tears and all.  Who could blame her?  Miss Amanda is special to their family and this was a huge deal. 

So the solution was for Miss Susan Beth to hang out with Miss E all day and take photos so mom and dad could relive the day.  What a fun day!


TWO:  This week was a big jury trial for Andy – after three full days it ended in a hung jury, which is both a victory and a frustration.  Onward!Ellie-118THREE:  This week has driven home a sense of vulnerability in so many ways.  Bringing me back to “Daring Greatly” for assurance that being vulnerable is not a bad thing.  Just have to keep on living with a whole heart, knowing that there will be bumps in the road, ditches to slide into, and crashes along the way.  But that is okay because we may not have all the answers to life’s questions but we know who we are in Christ.




FOUR:  Headed out to early morning before school worship team activity for J on Tuesday and thud!  No more functioning in the Subaru.  It broke the timing belt, which took out all the valves in the engine.  Faced the choice of fixing it or having a good start to the purchase of a new to us vehicle.  Decided to fix it and move forward.  This is the danger of having only cars with around 200K miles (truck is well over, Subaru is closing in fast).  Cars are definitely not a source of glamor in our lives, and probably that is as it should be.


FIVE:  It is October!  Can you believe it?  So many seasonal activities and projects that bring comfort, joy, hard work and warmth.  I believe this will be a very busy month but also, I pray, a very rewarding month.  Andy has yet another jury trial coming up at the end of October and lots to do between now and then, so we are hitting the ground running!

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One thought on “FIVE ON FRIDAY – MISS E

  1. S. Sargentini

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl. Wishing you blessings for a beautiful full fall month of October.

    Love you, A. Susan

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