Right away, lest a mistake be made, let me say these two are just friends.  They have been buddies for years and years – since kindergarten.  They are super comfortable with each other, and when one of them has a crisis in life, they call each other and talk it through – been that way for years. 


Because they are buddies she felt comfortable asking him if he wanted to attend the “Swing Ball” the last Saturday of August.  You see, if they bought tickets together she saved quite a bit, and she knew he’s usually up for trying something like this.


Not only was he up for it, but Andy and I joined as well – not pictured here because, well we didn’t have anyone to take our photo and frankly we were so poor at learning the dances that if someone else had a camera we would have avoided it like the plague!


At the real deal in the evening (other photos are from the morning teaching session) it was revealed that she is really quite the swing dancer already – way ahead of him and us!sm-83

But she taught him and he caught on pretty quick.  They enjoyed it.


This event was put on by a couple of young siblings who grew up home schooling and run a pretty tight ship on this event.  And they taught the dances too!  I think the brother is like 21 and the sister is just getting out of high school, so they really are young.


By the way, that man in the gray vest?  That’s her father.  When she met J in Kindergarten he was in Afghanistan with the Army National Guard.  J was super impressed because she told him that her dad was there fighting the Taliban with a giant bull-whip.  J believed every word of it!  Every word!

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  1. S. Sargentini

    This is really neat. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see young people having the same kind of fun we did. I bet her father could have beat the taliban with a bullwhip. I would have believed her too. Love you all.

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