This week I came across a familiar statistic:  Only 1 in 9 people in the world have access to clean water.

sm-4345I also heard that Brad Pitt did that through ice water over your head for ALS but he used water gathered from his  household toilets to make the point that the water in American toilets is cleaner than the water that is available to most people in the world.


Also this week I saw a blog post where a woman talked about how she was tired of feeling like her kitchen (and perhaps her whole house) was inadequate because it wasn’t like the friend/neighbor down the road who had a remodel recently.  Then she walked around and saw that she had running water when she turned on the tap, and it was clean and sanitary – she could drink straight out of the tap without treating or boiling.  And she realized her family was blessed.

sm-4050And my aunt commented on this blog pointing out that my lament about the cool wet weather we are expecting this weekend would be so welcomed in California where things are tender dry, and the drought is the most severe in generations!


So I am humbly being thankful for the water we have here, regardless of whether I perceive it to match the calendar.

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