It is getting to be late summer here in Montana – and probably lots of other places too.  Hollyhocks are always a good sign that August is well on its way to being over.


You also might have a hint of late summer based on the fact that I posted no less than two photos of snow on them thar’ hills in the last week.


The Back-to-School photos might have been another hint too.


Well, the trend is continuing.  This morning the weather man told us to enjoy today because for the next six days (yes, just one day shy of a full week) we are going to “enjoy” temperatures at about 20 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year.


Hey folks, that means there is a real possibility of frost on the ground and more of that snow in the mountains.  And if it rains, hopefully enough sunshine to bring us another one (or two or three) of these:


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One thought on “LATE SUMMER 2014

  1. S. Sargentini

    Susan as usual you photos are just wonderful. I know you will make the best of what ever comes your way weather wise. Coming from a drought frought CA that has been extremely hot, we can’t but envy ;you a little. The holly hocks are some of my favorite. i only have white and they bloom in late June so are now gone. Enjoy! Love you A. Susan

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