June 2, 2014 Gratitude

sm-27002913.  More egg production last 2 days

2914.  Ben and Becca’s great graduation speeches

2915.  Standing to sing hymns is the right thing to do.

2916.  Brief fun connection with Anna H.

2917.  J’s connection with M and N still strong

2918.  The healing and emotional health we can see in J since joining MCS

2919.  Good meeting with Max and Merrilee

2920.  Camille sharing her heart about so many thingssm-2685

2921.  Cool breeze through the windows at night

2922.  So many fun people to connect and reconnect with at the graduation party

2923.  Dark purple flowers on the wild Delphinium plants along trails and roads

2924.  “Wild Things” from Linda

2925.  Hugs and warm greetings from Ben

2926.  Healing for Jax’  ear

2927.  Safety for a 4-year-old approached by a stranger

2928.  Arisson’s little tuft of wild hair on the top of his head

2929.  J’s respect for Glen L.

2930.  J’s successful playing drums for worship service

2931.  The way J describes Ben’s influence in his 8th grade project paper

2932.  8th grade project is all turned insm-2681

2934.  The wind through the open windows at night

2935.  U-Swirl is mostly gluten-free

2936.  Another new paying client

2937.  Excitement for Garrett and Andi’s wedding

2938.  So many yards with blooming flowers in town

2939.  Beau visiting and sharing about his life

2940.  Tank healing so well

2941.  My concerns understood by Denise

2942.  Summer bucket listssm-2691

2943.  summer food like corn on the cob

2944.  Being useful in the wedding preparation.

2945.  Coming to realize J will be in highschool soon and the changes that reflects and foreshadows

2946.  J doing well in karate after missing several weeks of sparring

2947.  Looks like no rain until after hike and not during Garrett and Andi’s wedding

2948.  Pelicans flying in unison

2949.  Completing hardest 10 mile hike I’ve ever done

2950.  J’s positive response to hard karate workout

2951.  Rain held off long enough to mow the lawnssm-2677

2952.  Wild flowers in abundance on 10 mile hike

2953.  Garrett and Andie’s wedding a success – not rained out and lots of fun

2954.  Tired body after active day

2955.  David K’s transformation from what seemed like a disaster to the pinnacle of success

2956.  Camera not damaged when it fell from the roof of the moving car

2957.  Lessons from Jasmine Star available for free on the internet

2958.  commonalities on our summer bucket lists

2958.  Reconnecting with friends over a meal

2950.  Tank back to wanting to walk around the field at night with Andy


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3 thoughts on “June 2, 2014 Gratitude

  1. richellelwright

    lovely photos, lovely list!

  2. Great gratitude list! I love all the references to summer and friends and family! Visiting you today from Ann’s place and counting blessings with you! Mary

  3. mark and jennifer dougan

    Hi, nice to meet you. I’m hopping over from Ann’s link up. It was fun to skim your list and to smile along with you. Neat to hear of graduation speeches, new clients, safety for kids and falls, wild blooming blowers, and so much more.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

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