IMG_0970_3544smShe was in a serious accident today and is in ICU.

God made her beautiful both in her countenance and in her heart.

God gave her a heart for missions – she’s already been to multiple continents to serve in missions and she’s just barely into her 20’s.

God created in her a joyful heart that brings a bright spot to those around her.

God instilled a vibrancy in her very being that just cannot be ignored wherever she goes.

God gave her parents who love her, friends who flock to be around her and stand with her in this time of need, and an impact on all she comes in contact with that make it no surprise that the hospital is packed with those who love her.

Please pray that God grant her doctors the wisdom to know how to prioritize her injuries, how to treat her hurting body, and how to heal her through surgery and other methods.  She made it through one surgery tonight, so we praise God for His gift of survival and stamina.  Also, please pray for those who love her – may their hearts be peaceful and calm as they watch her go through this terrible crisis.


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  1. Susan Sargentini

    How is Emily. Our church has been praying for her. A. susan

    On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 6:01 AM, The AJBs & Me

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