This week on two peas the word prompt for photos is “Spring.”  Now, I can’t complain about that word prompt because . . . well, I’m the source of it.  I picked that word because the calendar says spring started a week ago. 

Now, I associate spring with lilacs.  Fresh, delicate, beautiful, soft colors, smells good.  Yep, that would be spring in my mind, with brilliant green grass all around, blue skies and birds singing.

Only problem is that here in Montana lilacs don’t usually bloom until late May, and at my house in particular, sometimes not until June.

Right now, the lilac bushes look like this:

IMG_8189_0770smProbably not what you thought of as a spring scene.  But the calendar says it is spring, and this photo was taken this morning.

IMG_8190_0771smAh, we will just have to wait for the traditional version of spring.  Until then, I’ll enjoy blog hopping around the internet seeing what so many others are putting up as spring in their yards.

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One thought on “SPRING?

  1. Wow!! Your yard looks a LOT different than ours!

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