For this trip I only had my 50mm lens – J had my other lens.  That created a unique challenge, and for some spaces it mean I could not fit everything in because I couldn’t back up far enough.  I’m not complaining, just explaining.

We started our morning in Lewistown with a walk before we got into the car for a full day of driving.  It was cold (about 2 degrees) so we ducked into any buildings we could.  We found these windows in an old Presbyterian church ( that from the outside looked really run down.  You couldn’t even tell there were stained glass windows from the outside as they were covered with some opaque looking material that seemed more like boarded up windows than anything. 


We also went into some galleries, but no photos from those of course.  Then we got on our way.  As we turned west on a small highway we passed this old sign collection telling the mileage to certain family’s ranches.  I’d never seen a sign like this before (below) and thought it was pretty cool!


It was on and off snowing with grey grey skies all morning.  Lots of farm structures along the way, which was what we expected of this drive.




This red barn was like a flash of color on an otherwise grey landscape – photo take out the window of the moving car, so not the greatest, but you get the idea.


The erie light (or lack there of) really made these trees look like . . . I don’t know, alien creatures ready to reach out and grab those who pass too close.


This truck was about the only traffic we saw for many miles – can you see he’s making that little Montana Finger off the Wheel wave?  Yep, that is a sign of real friendliness in these parts.  That funny line is the crack in our windshield.

IMG_5756The rest of these photos are from the town of Denton, our lunch destination this day and a favorite town for Andy.  He had been there before during upland game hunting season and knew just where he wanted to eat – I think there is only one café there, so there wasn’t a lot of choice.  The sun did start to burn through the dark cloud cover as we were eating lunch.

IMG_5763The railroad goes through Denton and these buildings are pretty much the center of business activity in the town.


And there was another one of those signs – smaller, but more readable!

IMG_5774After lunch as we were leaving town we saw these colorful storage buildings.  They celebrate 100 years of the local high school which covers two towns and is still so small it has to join together with two other schools to field a basketball or 6-man football team (they take turns hosting the home games at their school).


Tomorrow, Denton to White Sulfur Springs – aren’t you thrilled!

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One thought on “ROAD TRIP DAY TWO – LEWISTOWN TO DENTON photo heavy!

  1. Pat

    I am enjoying these! I love seeing different parts of the country. We drove through Montana years ago (on I-90), and then about 5 years ago we went through on the train. All your wide open spaces are amazing. I love those buildings in the last shot! So cool.

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