Yesterday I was treated to a morning with my camera and a car.  I headed to the Headwaters of the Missouri River – where the Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin rivers come together to form the Missouri River.  These photos were taken literally 25 yards down stream from where the Gallatin joins in the already merged Madison and Jefferson – so 25 yards down river from where it starts.  Given the role the Missouri River places in our history and economic/transportation issues in this country, it always amazes me to stand where the big river begins.


It was lightly snowing, but in the low 30’s so pretty comfortable for being outside.  Quiet too.  I don’t think I saw a single other person when I was there – unless you count the train driver (I’ll post those photos later this week). 


As much of the  country is revisiting uncomfortably cold temperatures it is chilling to look at these photos and know how cold that water is – reminds me of the old song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot.  I know that song is about a lake, not a river, but the chill, the wind, the grey of my experience out there yesterday just seems to express so much of the feeling of that song.


I hope everyone is able to stay warm – it’s about zero here this evening. 


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One thought on “ON THE EDGE

  1. Pat

    What a great outing! I’d love to see this viewpoint in summer, also–but love the way the snow defines the edges of the river. My husband was working in Duluth, MN before we were married and he saw the “Edmund Fitzgerald” when it set out on its last trip. He knew one of the cooks on that ship. Lake Superior is treacherous.

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