sm-32372610.  Good haircut

2611.  J’s expressiveness about his feelings re: Leo

2612.  Dr. Stafford trying so hard to be helpful and sensitive when putting Leo down.

2613.  Inspiration of something to do for Camille – fast and pray

2614.  Patience through the process of reconnecting with Bible Study folks after a few weeks of holiday break and feeling the reconnecting happening all in one night.

2615.  Beauty of fresh eggs

2616.  Two days of J not being grumpy when getting off the bus

2617.  Walking Tank in town without incident

2618.  Conversation where J could express some concerns

2619.  Bruce sparring with the younger boys

2620. Tank doing well on an off leash walk at Peet’s Hill


2621.  Praying with Holly

2622.  Camille’s courage

2623.  Seeing so much good in Linda’s heart

2624.  Being able to fast without distraction.

2625.  Marissa joining us for evening social.

2626.  Tank cuddling with the kittens

2627.  Brandon G. going to church

2628.  Teachers who care enough to email when J”s grades change/slip

2629.  Chickens laying enough to pay for their food.

2630.  Progress on a big project.

2631.  N asking to shadow with J in particular

2632.  The privilege of praying for Camille

2633.  New furniture coming from Netting including much-needed rugs

2634.  Great chat with Hannah Sue

2635.  Nine years of connection and praying for Brandon and finally getting some hope.

2636.  Missing schoolwork found complete before J put in all the work or redoing it.


2637.  Andy being present with J as he did his homework – important father son time

2638.  Chatting with Alicia

2639.  The exciting sound of the wind against the house.

2640.  Not falling when ice patches abound at the gate and elsewhere

2641.  Finding eggs buried in the straw before they got stepped on.

2642.  Seeing the chickens out even on a windy day.

2643.  Getting to come back home and clean a little in the morning.

2644.  Some blue sky breaking through the edge of the clouds after 7 days of blah overcast

2645.  A good dinner meal for J.

2646.  A night with no T.V. watching

2647.  New scarf from Nettie

2648.  Peace with the decision for Leo.

2649.  Being able to talk to client about Parkinson’s Disease

2650.  Kittens sleeping on our bed

2651.  Check in the mail earlier than expected.

2652.  Great fiddle playing as part of worship music.

2653.  Mentor session and learning/affirming

2654.  Denise’s concern for J.

2655.  J’s courage to break up a fight between other boys without having to make any physical contact

2656.  So many people J can trust – teachers and adult friends

2657.  KS hearing hard truth with Grace

2658.  A good evening with the college kids.

2659.  Marissa beginning to stand up for herself

2660.  Good chat with Holly – again

2661.  Options emerging for Camille – prayers being answered

2662.  New to us furniture that works well for our house.

2663.  Arnica and Arrison starting to sleep on our bed in the early mornings

2664.  Daniel and Stacy’s baby coming today!

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