Took these photos this morning between dropping J off at the bus and heading into town for a day of work.  I didn’t have time to edit out the guide wires that I caught in the corners, but that’s okay today.  It has been one of those days, and I am ready to let some things go to accommodate the need to move on.


What I really like about these photos is the hope they give that the day won’t be one of grey and over cast with no blue sky or fun lighting poking through.  We’ve had enough of those all grey days.  It is still pretty grey, but there is some variety in the sky.


So, between being late for the bus, news of the death of an extended family member, a minor dispute between spouses and a failed external hard drive, this would be one of those days where I need to review my gratitude list. So, since January 8th here is what was added:

sm-3256Ha!  Fooled ya!

Actually, little did I know the day was going to get significantly more . . . what’s the right word here:  weird, stressful, unpredictable.  All of the above.

sm-3258So here I am taking the post out of draft, and I’ll have to update with a real gratitude list later.  Want to get this posted as it has been over a week since I posted and it is just time.

sm-3259Hope your days are not “all of the above” and you enjoyed these photos despite the mess of the attempted message.

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  1. Sounds like you were having a rough day but the skies are beautiful…at least one small thing to bring some joy into the morning.

  2. pat

    What a glorious sunrise!! I love all the stages and shades of color that you captured. The Doug firs around my house are so tall that I miss sunrise… These are glorious.

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