I’ve put off doing this post for a couple of days, but it is time.

On Tuesday we put poor old Leo down.  It was a hard decision, but it was the right decision.

IMG_7550smHe was with us for 10+ years  and we all loved each other – through good and bad we loved each other.

Over the years he kept us on our toes with his stubborn attempts to be the one in charge of the house, resorting to intimidation tactics or using his big brown eyes to his advantage.  But turn around and there he was gently loving on the kittens and cats like they were his personal babies and carrying around stuffed animals with a tenderness that warms your heart.

He kept me feeling safe when Andy was away, guarding the doors and the gate, alerting me to anything that might be threatening coming our way.  I knew without a doubt he would protect each of us if the need ever arose – which thank goodness it didn’t.  But I also knew he was afraid of the wind – yep, a blustery night and you’d find him with his head hidden under the bed whimpering like an abandon puppy.  A big 90 pound ferocious bundle of vulnerability trying to hide from the sound of the wind.

Andy was his person, no question about it.    He died in Andy’s arms, licking his face with gentle affection.

We will miss him greatly, he was a unique and loved part of our family and certainly was a character to be reckoned with.

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6 thoughts on “GOOD BYE LEO

  1. A “like” of support and for the lovely photos, not the situation obviously. The snow shot is beautiful. Sorry for your loss. I’m glad you have wonderful memories to hold on to. Hugs -D

  2. Such a very hard decision and always leaves the heart empty.

  3. Hannah Becker

    Such a hard thing to go through! We just lost one of our dogs so, so we know how you are feeling. 😦

  4. So sorry! That is always a very tough decision. ❤

  5. Sorry to hear that you had to let him go, hard decision I know but as cliched as it may sound, better to give thanks for the time you all had together, than to have missed all that to avoid the pain of losing him.

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