Just since the first of the year there have been many things to be thankful for.  I’ll list them below, and between you can enjoy watching Arnica play with a Christmas toy:

2592.  Fresh start of a New Year

2593.  Quiet day at homesm-2953

2594.  Sharing books with J.

2595.  Getting work list done

2596.  Arnica’s gentle

2597.  Fun of caring for chickens – it is fun!

2598.  Work for Andy to do – way to make a

2599.  Progress on improving things around our home – fixing up the place.

2600.  Opportunity to trust God to provide for

2601.  J back to me safe and sound after big ice climbing adventure.

2602.  Bald eagles over the Gallatin Riversm-2967

2603.  Laughing with Andy until the tears run.

2604.  Figuring out a mystery – who’s eating the chicken food so quickly

2605.  Worship lead beautifully by Paulsm-2972

2606.  Reconnecting with people at church.

2607.  A new season of Downton Abby to enjoy as a family.

2608.  Bright sunshine through the windowssm-2979

2609.  Ellie turns 4

2610.  Sophie returning to her cuddling ways

2611.  Bright yellow sun on the Bridgers as I wait for the bus in the late

2612.  Deer along the road – young spikes so attentive and cautious and still with their moms

2613.  Anticipation for the start of photography mentoring – so much to learn!

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One thought on “GRATITUDE CONTINEUS IN 2014

  1. Elizabeth

    Love Arnica on the tablecloth. Too cute!

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