Catching up is a necessity of life these days – Catching up on house work;  Catching up on sleep (is that even possible?); Catching up on connecting with each other.

Life zooms and suddenly . . . well suddenly there is nothing but catching up.IMG_2069_8407sm

I’ve been able to continue with my gratitude journal through the zooming of the past weeks.  Now it is time to share it here – believe it or not I haven’t updated on Gratitude since October 21, – just over two months.  Not good!

So it is time to share and share big.  But there are too many to share all of them – just a snippet to give you a glimpse at the beauty and grace of God in even the zooming parts of life.

2426.  Watching The Voice as a family

2432.  Daniel’s business growing;

2435.  Dried sunflower blooms as fall decoration;IMG_1948_8218_sm

2440.  New socks;

2446.  Watching Arnica and Arrison grow and learn how to play;IMG_2273_8887_sm

2450.  Growth that can come out of a painful situation;

2458.  Getting to know a friend better;

2460.  Bright colored fall leaves in Idaho;

2465.  The sound of wind against the house;

2469.  Getting to karate two times in one week after a month of sporadic attendance;

2474.  Yoga pants – comfortable new part of my wardrobe;

2476.  Fresh eggs from our own yard/chickens;IMG_2093_9017eggs sm

2480.  Fun time with the Rainey’s

2486.  The joy of photography;

2487.  Running into so many people I know when doing errands around town;

2491.  Sunrise over the Bridgers;

2499.  Strength I see in Marissa;

2503.  Thanksgiving with families from our Bible Study;

2508.  Making foods J likes;

2509.  Homemade hot chocolate after a cold afternoon walk;

2514.  Downtown date with J;

2518.  The amazing way different people’s brains work;IMG_1925_8167_sm

2523.  F-11 staff cleaning my lens and giving great customer service;

2526.  The writings of Ann Voskamp;

2528.  Temps above zero – double-digit temps that don’t start with a minus sign for the first time in a week;

2529.  The beauty of the river in winter;

2536.  Time with Roberta;

2542.  Getting a day’s “to do list” accomplished;

2547.  J growing a full inch in 4 weeks;

2549.  Inspiration from Holly Rainey for a winter table scape;

2551.  Tracy Van Omman’s generous gift of baking for J’s fundraiser bake sale;

2553.  The hope of someday making a photograph that is excellent;

2557.  The stark ugliness of the world through the filter of God coming down to save us.IMG_1924_8166sm

2558.  6 eggs a day on average;

2559.  New C.D. player for Christmas music;

2560.  Focus on Jesus for Christmas’IMG_2314_8928_sm

2561.  God is a great initiator – see creation, conception, redemption;

2562.  Andy’s opportunity to connect with James;

2563.  J’s representing his ice climbing passion so very well in a discussion;IMG_2096_9020_sm

2564.  Finding a short clip from Brene Brown that perfectly meets a need

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