I think we’ve done it!  We made it through!  Our family has finished with all its time-consuming obligations for this holiday season, which culminated with three bake sales and two concerts in one week.  May I never have to make another batch of almond roca and package it all up pretty to sell. 

IMG_2063_8401smIt may turn out to be wishful thinking, but I anticipate that the next ten days or so will be laid back and enjoyable.  We’ll have some folks over for Christmas dinner, but compared to what we’ve been through the past six weeks with trial prep, jury trials, school obligations and a few cold viruses thrown in, 13 people for a turkey dinner will be a piece of cake. 

It may sound crazy, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I can clean my house just because I have the time to do it.  I can go for a walk in the snow and not be counting the seconds it is taking away from other tasks that need to be done.  I can mosey out to check for chicken eggs anytime I want. 

Before Christmas I’ve got some wrapping to do and about 5 things to buy at the grocery store and one almost forgotten stocking stuffer, but then I’m done.  Material preparations are complete.  And thanks to Ann Voskamp, spiritual preparations are right where they should be for this stage of advent. 

Time to soak in the peace and joy of the season. 

Time to watch my boy relax – and grow, which he has done over an inch in less than a month.

Time to find a way to connect with my husband and create peace and joy and community between us after such a rush in different directions to get it all done – whatever “it” is.

Time to continue counting the gifts (I’m well over 2500 by now) and especially the greatest gift of all who was laid in a manger so He could be nailed to a tree so that I might be redeemed.

Tomorrow, hopefully, an update on that list of gifts.


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