IMG_1648smIt has been too cold to really get out and take photos. 

Let’s face it, it has been too cold to do much of anything.  Just the daily activities of surviving are exhausting.  I don’t normally get impacted by the cold like this, but the past 7 days of extreme cold have kicked my tail.  The hardest part is that our home heating is not functioning at optimum due to one of our stoves being out of commission – so it is always chilly in the living area of the house and we wear lots of layers.  But that is countered by the fact that both our vehicles, which we park out doors, have started up problem free every time.  We even had to loan our 16-year-old truck to a friend whose fancy-shmancy by comparison and much newer truck wouldn’t start and their business required some hauling.  Of course we were glad to help and I note that they have helped us with the loan of a car when we’ve had one in the shop before.  Like I said above, getting through this cold has really become about survival.

TRIAL UPDATE:  The trial is going on despite the cold.  Andy is working hard.  Attorneys who are there with him tell me the jury is responding very well to him, leaning in to listen to what he has to say.  But a couple of jurors are sleeping during the time that the prosecution is presenting.  That doesn’t mean anything regarding the outcome of the case, but it sure does speak well for Andy’s general skills.IMG_7550sm

LEO UPDATE:  Leo is not doing particularly well and we are preparing ourselves for a fast approaching sad day.  He can’t get comfortable at night and is up 9 – 10 times and he has been avoiding eating for the last couple of days.  It breaks all our hearts and the tears will flow, but right now we are seeing if something will change.  But we are thankful for the 10 years we’ve had with him.


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