IMG_8422cropsmI’m always working to get better at my people photos.  It is a long hard process for me – so much still to learn so little time to apply it and play with it.

Copy of IMG_8238smRecently I had an opportunity for some feedback – so I can learn some more – and I was asked to present my top 10 from 2013 on the people photos.

IMG_0970_3544smThese are them.

Copy of IMG_8244cropbwsmNot claiming they are perfect for sure.

IMG_1880_3954hcropsmAnd it was humbling to re-examine photos with a critical eye.

IMG_3204_5334smBut very worth the effort – a learning process in and of itself.

IMG_3379_5509smThere were some things pointed out to me that were “good” that I didn’t even recognize as being noteworthy.

IMG_3430_5560smSo much to learn, but after this process I’m excited to get out and learn it!

IMG_8169cropsmI anticipate the learning will be time-consuming, but I’m hoping to increase the slope on the learning curve over the next few months.IMG_8374bwsmThanks for looking – and as always, feedback is welcome, even the kind that says – hey, you could of, should of . . .   Cuz’ without that I won’t learn.

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2 thoughts on “PEOPLE PHOTOS

  1. Beautiful and lovely young women!

  2. Good job Susan!

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