IMG_1376_8011sm   More photos from my walk earlier in the week – tons of photos from one walk.  Today I’m highlighting the berries I saw along the way.IMG_1380_8015sm   I love to photograph berries, although I don’t know what berries they are – I assume not edible since  I know nothing about them.  The reason I love to photograph berries is because it really requires me to focus on focusing, and it provides an opportunity to play with getting bokkah in the background.IMG_1382_8017sm   I showed a photo of these type of white berries earlier in the week, and Joanne commented that they look like unglazed china.  I think she’s right, and that is a wonderful description.IMG_1420_8055sm This is completely off the topic of berries and photography, but I’d like to draw your attention to the new link in my blog roll – Duty Dogs.  It is to a website about dogs that can sense when their diabetic owner has undesirable blood sugar levels.  My cousin and her family are the owners of a business that breeds and trains these dogs and this is their website.  They got into the business because one of their six children is diabetic.  It is really interesting stuff, and amazing what these dogs can do.  This family is one of my favorites ever, and I’d love it if you clicked on over to their web page and took a look at the “About Us” page. You’ll get to meet some pretty cool folks!  Plus, with this newly launched website, more clicks will help Google to recognize them and pop them up higher in the queue for those who search.  And just to tie it back into the subject of photography, I think all the photos on the site were taken by my cousin’s husband and/or her 14-year-old daughter.

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3 thoughts on “FALL BERRIES

  1. joannthrasherproject.blogspot.com

    Love the berries! I wonder what the white ones are? I saw some berries on my burning bush when dh trimmed it today….. maybe I should shoot those tomorrow 🙂 That is an idea for something to shoot now that the leaves are all dead, dry and brown.

  2. LOVE those Snowberries (or at least that’s what we call them around here)…

  3. Thanks for the link to your blog! We are planning to have Hannah roll out a Dog Blog in the coming months.

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