Well, actually this photo was taken on October 31, but I’ve been noticing some special glowing lighting in November – with dark clouds setting off the glow of the sky where the sun is still shining.

We’ve had it all so far – sun shine, rain, snow, ice.  By the time we got home tonight before 7 p.m. it was only 16 degrees F and the roads were slippery – the antilock brakes did their job once as we were slowing down for one of those downhill sharp turns.

Not much of a blog post I know, but just working to get back in the habit!

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3 thoughts on “GLOW NOVEMBER, GLOW!

  1. pat

    This is a beautiufl shot! That gold is so saturated and just pops against the sky. Nice capture.

  2. Joanne

    I love the colours and light in this shot. I know what you mean about the dark clouds setting off the light in the sky.

  3. sf

    What a lovely field to just lay down and ponder in. Nice!

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