We get to hold them today.  I’ve been gently petting them in front of Sophie and she doesn’t seem to mind. 

IMG_0100_7381smEyes are open and they climb all over Sophie sometimes – especially pawing at her face when they can reach it.

IMG_0099_7380smSchool is out yesterday and today for a teacher conference, so J is free and easy.  Made for some big excitement already as he got his first phone – not a “smart phone” but a practical phone since we no longer have land lines.

IMG_0098_7379smTo add to the excitement, the State of Montana times Junior Hunter day (kids 12 – 15) with the statewide school break, so he’s able to hunt deer a full 10 days before the regular season opens.  That’s what he’s doing as I type.  Don’t know if he’ll get anything, but the concept of doing it is great.

IMG_0101_7382smGoing to have a weekend at home for all of us – hopefully get a chicken coop made so we can bring our chickens home next week.  That will add to the workload, but it will be a fun adventure too.

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2 thoughts on “KITTEN KITTEN!

  1. Jo Ann

    The kittens are growing! I think the last shot is my fav.

  2. They look so cute and are growing so fast. Watch out, you will fall in love and will not be able to give them away.

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