They sleep a lot, but they are starting to move around quite a bit too.  And it is amazing how fast they can roll from one part of the nest to another.  Or on top of each other and around each other and under each other.  Amazing!


You can’t see it in all my photos, but they look so much a like it is amazing.  The markings on their faces are almost exactly the same.


Their little feet are adorable – absolutely adorable.  I can’t touch them yet – another 5 or so days – but I know if I touched those little pads they would be so soft and pillow-like.


Sophie gives them baths like crazy – so neat and clean.  They are starting to fight back a little – batting at her with their little arms and legs.  It is so funny to watch.

So glad we have these little guys to love and watch and enjoy.  Andy and J are gone for a hunting trip and when they get back I’m certain they will notice a huge change in their size.  I think they have more than doubled in size since they were born on Tuesday.

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One thought on “4.5 DAYS OLD – GROWING SO FAST!

  1. joannthrasherproject.blogspot.com

    Oh they are so cute!!

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