IMG_9773_7277smI was nervous that after the last pregnancy that ended in a disaster while we were on vacation we couldn’t really count on kittens this time either.  But today Sophie did it.  Two kittens.  Apparently healthy, and Sophie behaving appropriately as a new momma.

We sort of hoped for Siamese looking kittens, but got twin non-Siamese.  Don’t know if they are boys or girls yet.  And have no idea who the father is – but clearly not a Siamese.

IMG_9771_7275smSophie was loud and made it clear I needed to be there with her through labor and delivery – she kept coming to get me and basically yelling at me with her voice.  And let me tell you, she can yowl when actually delivering – but she seemed comforted by me petting her through the process and talking sweet to her.  But once these little guys were out, she was pretty content to focus on them and lick and lick and lick and lick . . . oh man, she spent almost an hour licking them.  I was worried she wasn’t ever going to let them nurse because she was licking them so much. 

She completely abandon paying any attention to me.  Good thing I’m not one to take that personally.

IMG_9768_7272smShe did insist on having them on a shelf in the garage even though I tried to move the birthing bed to other places.  This location is her “safe place” up from the dogs (who she loves and snuggles with when she doesn’t have kittens) and nice and dry and free from drafts.

IMG_9775_7279smBut I don’t like it as a place for kittens because it is “up” – if they fall out it is a long way to the floor, and it is in the garage, which is not as warm as I think they need.  I build a fire in the garage stove this afternoon to help.  In two or three days I’ll probably try to move them into the house.

Guess you have some idea of what I’ll be photographing for the next oh say 8 weeks or more.

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2 thoughts on “NEW ADDITIONS

  1. Oh so cute. Are they both striped? And could you maybe put a foam mat or air mattress or something below the shelf, just in case?

  2. Brenda

    How exciting and so cute.

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