IMG_0058_6973sm– ONE –

We got a big snow storm yesterday and last night.  J was giddy the whole way home from school because he loves snow.  We actually got home before dark (a rarity these days) and as I was baking some bread I notices this little guy out in the sunflowers by the living room window.  So, I tried to sneak up on him with the camera and get a few shots through the dirty window.  For the first time ever it worked – he didn’t fly away as I approached the window.

I think he was tired because in many of the shots his eyes are closed.

IMG_0062_6977smTWO –

J continues to have a really good year at school, which thrills all of us – and reduces stress.  I guess a bit of maturity and growing goes a long way to finding how to organize things.  Makes all the difference in the world.  Eighth grade is wonderful!

IMG_0062_6977cropsm– THREE –

Andy remains extremely busy – has a big hearing on Monday in a giant Ponzi scheme case.  If he wins his motions the chances are pretty good the case will go away.  He’s worked many many hours on this case and may spend many more on it.

IMG_0094_7009sm– FOUR –

I’m working hard for Andy – more focus on his cases, less free time for blogging and photo processing when I’m at the office.  I’m also finishing up processing wedding photos and have a back log of photo-shoots I’m working on, so I’m also busy busy busy.  But I have to tell you, a back-log of photos to process is much better than being busy with a Ponzi scheme case.

IMG_0098_7013sm – FIVE –

This photo is from this morning as the storm was moving out.  By now most of the snow is probably melted – it certainly is here in town.  Love that you can see the glow of sunrise off in the distance once the dark clouds end.

Other updates:  Sophie should have kittens soon – hopefully they are healthy and alive this time.  Leo still blind, and if at all possible, even more so.  But still wags his tail and seems happy.  Tank . . .  well, he’s just a tank of love and excitement all the time.  And our chicken coop is part-way done, with chickens being held by a friend for when we are ready.  J is already planning on adding ducks in the spring, and goats as soon as he can.  It is a full life we live, that is for sure.

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