IMG_9585_6931smI realize that my gratitude list serves two purposes:  first it keeps me focused on God and what He does for me, which in turn helps me to be motivated to live for Him; second, when I post it, it is a bit of an update on our lives for those who know us irl but don’t get to see us often – like my dad.  So, here it is, the things that keep me focused on God and the things that are going on in our lives – nice that those are one and the same.

2336.  Good reconnect with Jeanie and Charlie

2337.  Finding hope in what seemed like a hopeless situation

2338.  Pumpkin bread – enough to share

2339.  Owning a “step” for indoor exercise when the weather is poor and I run out of creative ideas.

2340.  Fun fall clothes already in my closet

2341.  The gentle care J gives to his hamster and how it can be seen in the expression on his face.

2342.  Being able to walk in our yard – 9 laps = 3 miles

2343.  clothes to keep us warm as the weather cools

2344.  Friendly wave exchange with a neighbor we don’t know yet.

2345.  Meeting with Roberta and walking and talking.

2346.  Plum jam

2347.  Working side by side with J on a big project outside.

2348.  Already have enough wood for much of the chicken coop we are building

2349.  Still having tools from Carl to use to make the chicken coop – so much easier with some of those “borrowed” tools.

2350.  Living on a beautiful piece of property.

2351.  Getting parts of the garden cleaned for the winter and as prep for chickens in our back yard

2352.  Water that tastes good from the tap – wonderful well.

2353.  Chicken coop progressing

2354.  Pin in my hip responding well to exercises and laying on a big giant ball

2355.  Homemade hot chocolate

2356.  J’s ability to recover over time from harms of the past

2357.  Trying to get perspective on photo processing.

2358.  Sophie’s soft fur and her cuddly nature lately.

2359.  Hearing elk bugle from our property – the herd must be close

2360.  J’s a good communicator – talked for 2 hours straight the other day (literally!)

2361.  Finding Sophie safe and sound when she was out after dark with coyotes and owls sounding off all around

2362.  big ball to lay on when my back hurts.

2363.  The clarity of color on the landscape after rain.

2364.  Banana bread from Emily and a sweet heart-felt note to make us feel good.

2365.  Significant piece of new work at the office that came in by referral.

2366.  Quick photo-shoot of J

2367.  How J is looking so much like a young man and not a little boy.

2368.  Seeing the encouraging texts to J from kids who are older but still willing to be in his life.


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  1. Joanne

    It’s always fun reading your lists. Some things go over my head since I don’t know the people mentioned but other things I immediately relate to and get a mental picture of a moment in your life.

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