In my gratitude list yesterday was a reference to being a family who goes out at night to take photos of the harvesters.  Well, these are the photos.  IMG_9621_6902sm

The story behind the adventure is that we see the big equipment working on the fields to the East and South of us frequently – two harvests a year, plus planting.  It is usually done at night, and what we see are lights floating around in the pitch blackness.  It looks a bit like aliens, and we always make a joke of it.

So, this past Saturday night Andy saw them and asked if we could try to get photos.  It was dark, and I had a moment of “I can’t take photos in the dark” but then thought it was worth going out and seeing what would happen – after all, I have a tripod, know how to set my camera wide wide wide open, and the lights on the machinery are pretty bright.


Little did I know that as the four machines went round and round we would be able to see the blue barn from time to time.

My settings for these photos were f1.8 ss 3.2 ISO 1250 with my canon 60D and my canon 50mm lens.  Not perfect my any stretch of the imagination, but so much different from what I thought.

Best part of all of it was that we had a great time as a family for those 20 minutes of time after 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night.

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2 thoughts on “SOME FOLLOW-UP

  1. I think as photographers we are very seldom fully satisfied, sometimes we are just less dis-satisfied with our results, but even when we get what we thought we were after with a shot, it usually opens up a whole other line of what we could have done with the shot ideas which get mentally filed away with a “for next time” tag on it. At least that’s how it seem to be for me but then, there are those infrequent but wonderful times, when everything comes together and, almost by accident, we get that great shot that helps keep us going.

    Your shots of the night harvesting are pretty cool. I’m intrigued by the two green blobs in the bottom one… does add to the alien look. I wonder if it was reflection inside your camera or an actual reflection from something in the shot.

    • Joanne,

      I’m not sure if the green lights are reflection in my camera or if some of them (not all) are reflection on the barbed wire fence that was between me and the subjects – and the high ones might be reflection on the power lines. Just not sure. But you are right, they do give the whole scene more of that alien look!

      Susan Beth

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