Even after three years of keeping the list, it continues to have meaning – more meaning in fact than ever.    So, the list continues:

2307.  KLOVE for music in the car

2308.  J talks freely in the car and we have lots of windshield time so I can hear him speak

2309.  check we thought was outstanding had already cleared weeks ago, allowing balance in the accounts and relieving a sense of stress over the mystery.

2310.  Fog in the morning


2311.  Snow on the mountains

2312.  J’s reaction to the fog

2313.  Flower photographs,

2314.  Good discussion at Bible Study

2315.  Phone call from Daniel

2316.  Baby girl on the way.

2317.  Andy able to be productive after very discouraging events.


2318.  Warm hats

2319.  Good talks with J and K

2320.  Chicken noodle soup.

2321.  new archery target range from things we already have.

2322.  J getting a couple of phesant first time out.

2323.  Full payment received earlier than expected.

2324.  Run/walk with Andy on Sunday morning

2325.  Singing “The Great I Am” in church and almost losing my voice afterward

2326.  Good community at Manhattan Christian school.

2327.  All the fun shows on PBS – with lots of learning and cooking and mysteries.

2328.  Oatmeal


2329.  Eva thinking of us for a unique hand-me-down

2340.  Andy handling a strange form of rejection well.

2341.  God coming through with a better solution after the strange rejection.

2332.  The continuing power of keeping a gratitude list and being reminded to be thankful.

2333.  More flexibility in my schedule than I usually realize.

2334.  Being the family that runs out in the pitch dark to take photos of the ag workers baling and stacking hay at night.

2335.  Scrap 365 magazine – a great inspiration and a lot of style that is “up my alley”

2336.  Fall has arrived right on time.

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  1. Hi Susan,

    Nice to meet you. I’m hopping over from Ann’s link up. Thanks for letting me peak into your gift-counting too: fog over foothills, cleared checks, morning runs, expecting a baby girl, educational television shows, and so much more. Ahh,. smiling with you.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

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