Well, I’m trying for Bokeh as opposed to just poorly focused photos.  These were all taken yesterday morning just as it started to sprinkle – had to run in to stay dry at the end there.  IMG_9462_6783smI am not super satisfied with the sharpness of the main flowers – I understand what the issue was.  I was using my 50 mm at 1.8, and sometimes I was too close – think I culled the worst of that out before I posted any flowers.  Also, didn’t have a tripod and was shooting at around f/100 with a little breeze.  So, camera shake  as well as moving subject are possibility.


The results are a very narrow depth of field with flowers that were not tiny, so only a part of the flower (often a small part) is in focus.

IMG_9448_6769smStill not totally unenjoyable images, I hope.

IMG_9450_6771smIn fact, I’m hoping they have a bit of Artsy appeal if nothing else.

IMG_9452_6773smAre you getting the Artsy vibe?  Hehehe!

IMG_9458_6779smAnd I’ll finish off with a photo from this morning on the road just down from our house as taking J to meet the school bus:IMG_9510_6812highpasssm

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2 thoughts on “BOKEH FROM THE BUSH

  1. Love the last 2 photos; although i would prefer more detail in the foreground, but that’s just me.

  2. I struggle with the same thing sometimes, especially when shooting across the top of a flower. With a very shallow DOF and a subject receding at a 90 degree angle, only a small part is going to end up in focus. This is where focus stacking can really help get that sharp flower with a nicely out of focus background but I find you need a tripod and a still subject to make that work so in your situation here it wouldn’t have been an option. Still, some nice shots and I love the bottom one with the sunlit white mountains in the back.

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