IMG_3945smSome days I am filled with items to be thankful for and joyfully pull out my journal and write them down like an inventory of what comes so natural.  A sort of praising God for all He has done.

But other days I pull out my journal and work hard to find something to be thankful for.  It can be a struggle.  Not because there are few things to be grateful for but because I’m struggling with an attitude not consistent with gratitude, or a hurt set of feelings.  In these situations the creation of the list is a grasp for health, a reach to get out of the pit.  In these cases God uses this list as a comfort to my heart.

The list I’m posting today is full of both kinds of items – and really, I think that is always true, but I’m not sure I’ve shared that here before.

IMG_3911sm2256.  Being involved in my church leadership – even if it is a relatively small role.

2257.  J’s talkative nature.

2258.  J’s saying “For the first time school was fun – I was sad to leave.” 

2259.  Great karate program with wonderful teachers.

2260.  Afternoon thunderstorms dumping moisture on the land.

2261.  Watching J learn a new Kata in karate

2262.  Running into Mick unexpectedly.

2263.  Carrots from our garden.

2264.  Bus comes a little later in the morning than last year, giving a more relaxed pace to the morning.

2265.  J’s photos being usable

2266.  J’s continued success with his start to school

2267.  lens returned to F-11 without incident.

IMG_3915sm2268.  Eva and Daniel’s willingness to help with rental deposit

2269.  J’s getting his green belt in karate

2270.  Supportive people at karate

2271.  Yummy granola

2272.  Andy’s good billing in August

2273.  E’s strength to testify for a 3rd time.

2274.  Andy’s good lawyering on E’s behalf

2275.  Affirmation from teachers re: J’s good start to school year

2276.  There are good/great photos of A. H. for her senior photo

2277.  Taking the long-term view of discipline issues – he’ll be thankful in years to come that we made him keep a commitment

2278.  Funny card for Andy

2279.  Family photo session that was fun for all of us


2280.  J biked down the Langhor road without falling

2281.  home-grown carrots for dinner

2282.  Gift of an apple pie

2283.  Andy’s resolving cases

2284.  Time to make good dinners two nights in a row

2285.  Cottonwoods with yellow fall leaves earlier than usual

2286.  Good drums for J to learn on.

2287.  Free chickens coming in a month – time to build that coop

2288.  Hand written letter from a friend

2289.  Compliments on a hair cut

IMG_3868sm2290.  Brene Brown’s teaching on shame and vulnerability

2291.  Bible study meeting again.

2292.  Having what we need even when finances are tight.

2293.  J having N over again – and N wants to be at our house.

2294.  Three pumpkins on the vine.

2295.  Beautiful clouds in the trees around the reservoir

2296.  Learning about finding mushrooms

2297.  hearing my wind chime and being reminded of Oakhurst

2298.  Dogs curled up at my feet

2299.  Plum jam made with free plums

2300.  J’s approach to school right now.


******* EDITED TO ADD:  Got a comment that this photo looked like the fish was standing on the bridge.  Made me laugh because I think it is a reflection of how as the photographer we know what is going on and and read that into the photo.  I took this photo the morning I was down at the river, and a very nice cute rotund older fisherman asked me if I wanted to take a photo of the fish he caught – it was still on the hook, but you can’t see the line in the photo.  I obliged his request and it created a happy little memory for me, so I posted the photo thinking it was self explanatory.  Obviously not.  A happy memory, not a clearly conveyed by the photos. ****

2301.  Beautiful stormy skies with a pink glow at sunset

2302.  Lightening is accompanied by rain these days – no dry lightning

2303.  A very light local fire season.

2304.  Encouragement that we can keep chickens in the winter without having to get electricity out to the coop

2305.  A bit of a walk early in the morning – the self-discipline to get up very early to make it happen.

2306.  Encouraging Family Life Today program

2302.  Good time with Ellie and her friends taking photos

2303.  Open hearted talk with Elsa – listening to a 13-year-old girl is a rare opportunity for me

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  1. I think we need to look over our blessings and thing we feel grateful for most when we are feeling unlucky or put upon. Most of us if we really put our minds and hearts to it will have to realize that, even when things are not going exactly how we would like we have so much to be grateful for.
    Love the picture of the leaf, floating in the water, and somewhat puzzled by the one of the fish, who appears to be standing on his tail, on the bridge.

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