IMG_9332_6643smFor those who know me well, this is sort of headline making news because I do not like mushrooms – at least not as a food item.  Yuck!  Sorry, I know that offends some, but since childhood I have not enjoyed them.  And no, this experience, while very cool, did not inspire me to want to try mushrooms.  I repeat: “Yuck!”

IMG_9419_6730smAnyway, I joined Daniel, Eva and their children for a romp in the woods up Hyalite Canyon to look for mushrooms – they asked me to come take some photos.  It was a wet morning, with clouds hanging low over the canyon walls, and I loved it!  Reminded me of my days up in the drippy foggy north coast of California – temps were moderate too, all that was missing was the smell of the ocean nearby mixed with the unique smell of redwood trees, and of course the occasional banana slug.  But since I feel about banana slugs about as I feel about eating mushrooms, I was perfectly content to be here in the Rocky Mountains.

IMG_9048_6359smFall was evident all around us – although we haven’t really had a hard frost yet, so things are still a contrast of green and yellow and brown all around.  The decoration of the water droplets just enhanced the whole visual experience!

IMG_9201_6512smWhat this experience did inspire me towards is to squeeze in a few more morning hikes in the mountains before the snow flies.  I think this weekend I’ll be heading up to Lava Lake one morning for a vigorous walk and some photo taking.  Hopefully it will be a frosty or drippy morning because that just makes it all the better!

IMG_9385_6696smAs a general update (since I’m not finding the time to blog as regularly as I’d like) wanted those far away to know we are doing well, school continues to go well for J, Andy is busy preparing for his three jury trials this fall (one in particular), Leo is getting along well with his blindness, I’ve got more photos to process than time to do so, and we are all content in our different activities and having fun together when we can.

Hopefully at least a photo posted a day this week – we’ll see.

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2 thoughts on “WENT MUSHROOM HUNTING . . .

  1. Joanne diochon

    Nice pictures, I like the last one a lot, and the one of the fog over the mountains. I also just happen to love mushrooms ( to eat) and wish I could have come along and “helped’ you by cooking up and devouring those yucky things you turn your nose up at! LOL

  2. pat

    Gorgeous! I laughed about the banana slugs…we have them here, gross things that they are.

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