IMG_8842smFall has pretty much arrived here – still get some warm days, but the trees have yellowing leaves and some have even begun to drop to the ground.  We don’t have those real hot days, and most days a sweat shirt or sweater are appropriate during at least a portion of the day.

So, the Breuner family is thinking of things like getting fire wood (we always start later than we should on this project) and do we want to take a photo for our Christmas card while the weather is still decent.  To that end we drove up into the mountains last weekend and took some photos.

IMG_8896smAfter a summer of light available well into the evening, we realized we had miscalculated how long we would have light, so that when we got to our goal destination it was already into that pink glow time of evening.

IMG_8894smWe rushed a few shots and enjoyed the time together.


Then we got the bike out of the truck and J rode down the hill – in the ever-increasing darkness and the sprinkling rain.  6 miles down the hill on that bumpy dirt road.

IMG_8942smSorry for the poor quality photos, but this is what you get when you are sitting in the dark in open back of the truck bumping along in the rain trying to keep the camera dry but get the boy the photos he wants – grainy as can be, but what he wanted.  It was fun to watch him ride, scary, but fun too.

IMG_8933smWe are definitely raising an adrenaline junkie!

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    Sounds like a great adventure for your boy ( the bike ride).

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