Haven’t been here in I don’t know how long – and no time to go check it out.  Anyway, we have been busy!


Busy saying good-bye to August, which was a great month in many ways and really did right by us.

Busy starting a new school year – and doing so well!

Busy working more hours than seems humanly possible in order to fight for truth,  justice and the American way – including one “all-nighter” for counselor Breuner.

Busy hunting and eating mountain grouse.


Busy with photo shoots for people we love and even one big wedding shoot for strangers who turned out to be quite nice.

Busy winning cases – well, at least one that meant a lot to us.

Busy trying to re-connect with folks we haven’t seen in a long time.

IMG_7983_6305smThere appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel, but honestly, I’m not sure if that is the big wide open spaces of a reasonable cadence to life, or just a freight train coming down the tracks to do its business on us.

I’ll try to get back here soon to update you!

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3 thoughts on “BUSY AS A BEE . . .

  1. I think the “busy virus” has been going around. I am glad to read that school and work is going well.

  2. Beautiful flowers!

  3. joannthrasherproject.blogspot.com

    Beautiful sunflower shots! Sounds like your summer has been like mine…. crazy busy 🙂 hoping for busy-ness to slow down as fall approaches.

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