IMG_3831_5961smThere are always so many things to be grateful for.  Today J went back to school, and that I am sure will provide much to give thanks about.  But these are the things for the past week or so:

2231.  J’s desire to cook dinner

2232.  Education available on the internet for many of my questions.

2233.  Free access to gluten-free recipes on internet

2234.  Fresh herbs from the Lerhers

2235.  Pictures of niece and nephew on the diving board and at the pool

2236.  Good discussion in the car with J

2237.  Enjoyable read-every-word nature photography magazine

IMG_3966_6010sm2238.  J working hard and earning money.

2239.  Swinging with J on the old swing set

2240.  Dinner on the swing set platform

2241.  Gluten free bread recipe that tastes good

2242.  A school that is good for J and I trust them

2243.  Beautiful scenery as driving J to school

2244.  Payment for wedding photography received

IMG_4119_6163sm2245.  Referral from good friend for work

2246.  J’s demeanor being generally happy after the first day of school – and his excitement about options in the music program

2247.  Reducing phone bill

2248.  J’s good taste in clothing

2250.  Elizabeth joining me for a diet bet

2251.  J’s adjusting to busy schedule brought on by school

2252.  Beckers report no impact on them from the fires near Yosemite

2253.  Fire near the Becker’s home put out in a matter of hours.

2254.  Andy being proactive and firm in standing up for his clients when prosecutors are disrespectful and rude

2255.  Court employees who give Andy complements and support for how he handles rude and disrespectful prosecutors.

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