Drummer Boy:  So, he got drums (mentioned that in an earlier post I think) and he is so much better at playing them than I ever imagined.  He is also so much louder when he plays than I ever imagined.  And this isn’t some “rat-a-tat-tat.”   Nor is it random disorganized hitting. He can do some complicated stuff along with music he downloads.  Love his teacher, and love his natural bent for this instrument.  Well suited for him I think.


He’s been working and working and working the last couple of days.  He did some baby sitting – first time, for a friend whose children know him well, at an event where mom was just off in another room attending a meeting.  He did well – the mom was impressed that he kept order with the oldest by having him do push-ups when he got out of line.  Apparently the child only got out of line one time.  He made some good money doing this too.  Not a career he wants to heavily pursue, but for people he enjoys being around, it was worth his time.



School starts on Monday and he is working on getting organized.  And I am working on allowing him to develop his own organization – but this isn’t a post about my growth process.  He is paying attention to certain details in an attempt to have a binder for every teacher that is self-contained.  His hope is to arrive at each class with everything he needs, but be able to grab from his locker quickly and efficiently.  

Since he goes to a relatively small school – only 21 eighth-graders – he only has to have 4 binders (he has two of his teachers twice, so he combine the supplies for their two classes into one binder, and he doesn’t need a binder for art or p.e.).  Each of those binders is color coded – the highlighter for that class matches the binder color, matches the pocket divider color, matches the pen color, matches the pencil holder color, matches the spiral bound notebook cover color.  His colors are Black, Orange, Blue and Green.  He’s done a good job, although I did have to purchase a couple new binders and a new pack of highlighters so that he had the right proportion of colors.

I’m figuring that the extra money spent allowing him to design an organization system that he enjoys using will at least help him get a good start to the year.  Organization is always his biggest challenge, so we’ll support his attempts to improve it.


Other work he’s been doing includes work for an older couple at our church.  He’s trimmed their bushes and picked apples from their trees to keep the bears (yes, bears) from coming into their yard. It is hard work.

But not as hard as the loading 1 ton of hay into the back of our long-bed truck was this afternoon and then unloading it into a barn.  We loaned our boy and our truck to a friend in need, and she worked him hard.  He just called to say he’s be taking a shower (yeah, a 13-year-old boy who understands his need for a shower from time to time) and then he’s going to “nap” on the couch, which really means lay there and watch T.V.

IMG_3816_5946sm5.I am hoping that by the time I get home tonight the current thunder shower will be over (but we are so grateful for the rain given the fire situation around here) and he will be rested up so we can go down to the river, dip our toes in and get some photos.  Because that is one thing we keep saying we’ll do this summer, and with only two days left, it is time to get it done.  And he loves to take photos down there!

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