2185.  Talking with Roberta

2186.  J’s ability to articulate the trauma of his prior school experience – it’s healthy that he can process it.

2187.  Radio show about education that J listens to and engages in conversation about.

2188.  Speckled fawn on the lawn at the yellow farm.

2189.  J standing up for a friend.

2190.  J’s reaction to a new approach to learning to focus – how descriptive he was of the new feeling.

2191.  Sunflowers beginning to bloom.IMG_2962_4842sm

2192.  Watching Andy and J knock on walls and ceiling to try to find the hamster – funny!

2193.  J’s coming to terms with possibilty of not getting the hamster back.

2194.  Juvenile owls screetching int he yard all night long.

2195.  Getting a task long put off done.

2196.  Being at the Global Leadership Summit with J.

2197.  Twins for Zac and Cara

2198.  Chance to chat with Denise and Steve

2199.  Lunch with friends

2200.  J’s heart to give to organization of faith.

2201.  J’s discussion with Mr. Ovenell re: new strategies for focusing.

2202.  And afternoon at home with J.

2203.  Cleaning my craft room to rediscover all my cool stuff.

2204.  Drums at a bargin price from someone supportive of J.


2205.  Beautiful fog on the Madison river for sunrise photo shoot.

2206.  Hearing J’s ability on the drums.’

2207.  Time off from work to do “the extras”

2208.  J’s name on the testing board at karate.

2209.  Enjoyable time with A.H. taking photos.

2210.  Talking with E. Q.

2211.  Unexpected gift.

2212.  Seeing J.Q. in a happy interaction.

2213.  Gluten free pizza for J that he likes

2214.  J’s desire to be with Andy

2215.  Payment from OPD coming earlier than expected.

2216.  Leo’s adjustment to being blind – he still wags his tail.

2217.  Getting to participate in meeting re: Andy’s big case – being a contributor feels great.

2218.  Finding the hamster alive – only took 2 holes in the wall.

2219. Few moments looking through scrapbooks.

2220.  Finding a fun new healthy recipe.

2221.  J is well liked by lots of his peers

2222.  J safe while camping with a friend and his family.


2223.  Baptism Sunday


2224.  Yellow bird on sunflower.


2225.  Great place to take our family photo found.


2226.  Email from E.W. with answers to long-term health issue for her.

2227.  Hopeful health insurance suggestion.

2228.  Sharing gratitude lists as a family.

2229.  Hiking with Andy


2230.  Paid work oportunities for J.


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  1. nothing so beautiful as baptism! blessings to you!

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