It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Five on Friday post.  That was back when I blogged regularly instead of erratically.  But I thought I’d give it a try today.

– one –

Update on Leo

IMG_2735_5049smCan you tell by looking at this photo that he’s blind?  He is.  But I have to say, he seems to be adjusting.  It is very sad when he runs into things, like the fence (thus the cut on his right eye).  We watch him carefully, and find he really knows our property well – navigates around with little problem most of the time.  He’s not as confident as he once was, but I wouldn’t be confident out in the field if I couldn’t see anything either (I’ve been closing my eyes when walking out there so I can get a sense of what he experiences).  In the house he does well as long as we remember not to leave piles of things on the floor or any cupboards or drawers open for him to trip on.  We’re working on our training on this.

Bottom line is after almost 3 weeks we feel like he is adjusting well, and we observe that he still wags his tail often, gives affection, likes to receive affection, and does not have any noticeable pain.  The vet did a follow-up with him this past Wednesday, and although it was very stressful for him to be in the vet office which is not familiar territory to him, he is otherwise adjusting well.  So, we go forward for now, watching and adjusting.

– two –


IMG_2994_5124smYesterday morning I went out early (pre-dawn) to the Headwaters of the Missouri River to do a senior photo shoot for a family friend.  We were surprised and pleased by the fog on the rivers (there are three rivers that join here to begin the Missouri River – the Jefferson, the Madison (where this photo was taken) and the Gallatin (which flows right near my house some 25 miles up river).

To give a little perspective, the father of the young woman I’m doing these photos for was struck by cancer this past winter/spring.  I approached and asked if they would be willing to let me take her photo, figuring that doing something special, but not having a cost for it would be a way our family could support theirs.  I was fearful that I had bitten off more than I could chew and that I would only be able to provide ho-hum photos when I really wanted something special and unique.

So, I spent quite a bit of time praying for the ability to get her something special, unique and that would make her feel great about her senior photos.  And God provided!  We had the most amazing fog with sunshine for almost a full hour of photo taking at three different settings.  That just never happens in Montana, but here it was.  You better believe this will be on the gratitude list!

– three –


The sunflowers continue to bloom and bring me great joy.  Saw some today that inspire me to plant more next spring/summer in a few additional strategic places around my yard and garden.  They are so simple yet so beautiful.  And so low maintenance!

– four –


J is learning to hunt for birds through an organization called Pheasants Forever.  Last weekend he and his class learned about upland game habitat, and he is determined to create some good bird habitat on our property.  This involves creating a little channel for water to flow.

IMG_2788_4958smBut first he had to find the existing channel, clear the weeds from around it, and then begin to enhance it.

IMG_2814_4984smIt is a big investment of his time and energy, but not as big a job as it would be if the old channel weren’t there to begin with.  I don’t understand the full project/vision, but Andy does, and I trust he and J to be doing something good.  I think it is a multi-year process, but the first step is to get some water out there, and then to plan some shrubs.  Hopefully in a few years we’ll have an active bird habitat – hope the birds like our dogs!  Although, considering the above, Leo doesn’t really present any kind of threat.

– five –

 IMG_2852_5022smGuess who doesn’t want to be left out of all the activities?  Miss Sophie goes out and sits and watches J digging in the field.  It is kind of cute!

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2 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY

  1. Joanne diochon

    Oh, can’t help but wondering if the birds will like Sophie! Maybe they are too big to be prey for her but, having a cat who takes down bunnies and who met me at the back door today, with a little bird in her mouth, makes me think of cats as more of a threat than the dogs.
    I still struggle to come to terms with the cycles of nature some times…on the one hand I guess I should be proud of her for being such a good hunter…it must take skill and dedication to catch a bird or a rabbit but, of course, I’d rather not have her kill the little creatures.

  2. Love the fog on the river, with the deer in the background! Equally love your dog and kitty! Love the flowers, and the bird habitat will give you plenty of photo opportunities! Good for your son to see his vision, and take the necessary steps to achieve it!

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