IMG_2972_4852smAll of my sunflowers this year are volunteers from last year’s planting.  And I am pleased!

IMG_2713_5088smThey sit right outside my living room window and we can see them from the kitchen too.  They add such a happy flare to the house.

IMG_2962_4842smOf course, to photograph them I have to go outside and stand on a chair – my windows are much to dirty and smudged to take photos through them – plus the seal is wrecked on one of them, so it steams up and gets water marks when it dries.  Darned double paned windows do that when they get old.

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2 thoughts on “SUNFLOWERS IN BLOOM

  1. Your sunflowers are gorgeous!

  2. Joanne diochon

    Don’t you just love it when you get volunteer flowers from previous years plantings, or something that blows in from a neighbouring yard? I look a them as natures gifts to me, well as long as they are something I want and not weeds or mint !

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